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Questions about CJ Advertiser Terms Change

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by justloveher, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I’m new CJ publisher, so need help:( for following questions:

    1)When I receive Advertiser Terms Changes Notification and I accept it, should I have to update the corresponding link code that generated from CJ, or the previous one(the one before terms changes) could also be used? I mean, after I accept the Terms Changes(extend the term for most situation), should I have to login to CJ and use ‘Get Link’ function to get new link code, and then update it to my site?

    2) If my term already ended, and the advertiser has not sent me the Advertiser Terms Changes Notification, what should I do to renew the term? Example: my program term start date is 18-Aug-2008, and the action Referral Period is 45days, so currently, this term is expired already, but there is no notification from Advertiser for renew the term, what should I do?

    3) When we are on ‘Get HTML’ page, there is a button on the left bottom named ‘Update Link Code’, what’s the functionality of it? Should I click it after accept a new Advertiser Terms Changes?
    justloveher, Oct 5, 2008 IP