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Questiona about the facebook pixel?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by bogdy23, May 26, 2017.

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    I have a question about the facebook pixel. Do you have to install it and copy it between the head tags of every page or your site? Also do you need another code not the standard pixel for the thank you page in order to track sales and coversion? Or is it the same code everywhere on every page
    bogdy23, May 26, 2017 IP
  2. eliasjaxson00010

    eliasjaxson00010 Peon

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    I have integrated all my pixels with Trackify X as they offer an easy pixel integration with just one simple click. With Trackify X facebook pixel app advanced tag manager, audiences for specific niche tags and collections can be created for any product to run targeted ad campaigns. You can connect any type of niche tags, record data to create highly converting audiences with the new Tag Manager!
    eliasjaxson00010, Jul 24, 2019 IP
  3. Sumit_Singh

    Sumit_Singh Active Member

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    There is no need to insert Pixel code on every page on the website if you are using the same header for all the webpages (if you include the PHP header for all pages).
    Insert this code in your index.php page in the head section (<head> pixel code </head>).

    For thank you page you need to insert it separately.
    Sumit_Singh, Aug 5, 2019 IP