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Question - Google Analytics Big Brother Worries

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by JesterMagic, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Anyone using Google Analytics to track a large site (both in # of pages and # of visitors) that makes decent money?

    I have setup Analytics to track a few smallers sites (with some good advice from mad4) and have figured out how it mostly works. I like what I see and I can perform most tasks I wanted to (except it would be nice to have a few more goals).

    I guess I am worried about what google does with my traffic information, has anyone noticed any abnormal traffic flux when starting to use Analytics? I do rely on google for a large number of clicks from both adwords and their free search results.
    Also, Analytics seems a little to go to be true. Anyone figure they will start charging soon? (for the service or perhaps for upgrades like realtime stats, etc..)
    JesterMagic, Nov 5, 2006 IP
  2. JesterMagic

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    I guess not too many people are worried about this...

    I realize with all the google toolbars, adwords, adsense they have all the stats they can deal with but... they then will have my conversion rates as well

    Oh well, I guess I'll give it a try.
    JesterMagic, Nov 6, 2006 IP