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Question about my thermaltake 850

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fernandofgg, Aug 14, 2017.

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    Hi I have a thermaltake TR2 RX 850 watts (win7 64bits)
    I have this power supply because I have 40tb raid0, that is like 8 hard disks inside, also I have a graphic card shaphire 2gb.
    But I believe each hard disk consume 50 watts, that is 400 watts + the graphic card

    My question is about power consumtion, I am paying a big bill of power every month in my house and my computer is ON 16 hours at day becaise I work here all day and part of the night

    My question is, this power supply is consuming 850 wats per hour always? or consume only the hardware connected, even if I turn off all hard disks (they are only backup so they can be OFF), the consumption will be less or this has nothing to do with that

    Thanks in advance
    fernandofgg, Aug 14, 2017 IP