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Querying dates with SQL and MSAccess

Discussion in 'C#' started by camjohnson95, Mar 6, 2011.

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    I just recently wasted a lot of time solving what was a fairly simple issue regarding the querying of date ranges with ASP.NET and MSAccess. Hopefully this post will prevent anyone else with problems in the future.
    When querying a date range with SQL and MSAccess the format of the date must be:
    "MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss".
    Even though a date object can be stored in another format, when querying with SQL it MUST be in this format. Take not that the capital "HH" means it is in 24-hour time format. If you use regular time format it will come across issues.

    The easiest way to format a date correctly in asp.net is:
    myDate.ToString("MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss")

    MM/dd/yyyy will probably also work.
    camjohnson95, Mar 6, 2011 IP