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Selling Quality Content Services-Articles for $0.6/100 words-Original, unique, CS passed

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by junkamaniac, Jan 4, 2010.


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    Hey DPers,

    Here I am starting a new thread with new rates. Well, for a limited time(15 days) in the new year I am offering the following services for reasonable rates:

    1)Article writing
    2)Article rewriting
    3)Website proofreading

    1)Article writing

    I have a team of content writers from UK and India who can write on almost any topic. We ensure quality with quick turnaround times. Our content is 100 % original, unique and handwritten. We do not compromise on quality. We have had many satisfied clients in the past.

    Our rates for writing are:

    $1.50/250 words
    $3/500 words

    2)Article rewriting

    Although our speciality is fresh writing, we do rewrites as well. Our rewrites are not just swapping of sentences and replacements of synonyms, but they are different than their original versions. We ensure quality in this and hence our rates for rewriting match our quality of work:

    Our rates for rewriting are:

    $1.25/250 words
    $2.50/500 words

    3)Website proofreading:

    If you own a website and you feel that the content in it needs to be slightly changed to suit your SEO requirements or if you feel there are English errors in your website which need to be corrected, you can consider us.

    Our rates for website proofreading are:
    $0.006 per word

    Discounts can be availed only on orders of 50 articles or more.:)

    We accept Paypal payments only.

    Samples will be sent on request.

    Place an order via PM or by firing an email to

    Best regards,

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    junkamaniac, Jan 4, 2010 IP
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    Catbert Peon

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    Interested, could you please send me some sample articles?

    Catbert, Jan 7, 2010 IP