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Selling Quality Article Submission to Thousands of High PR Article Directories

Discussion in 'Services' started by GeorgR., Feb 25, 2011.

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    Need High Quality Back Links?

    i will submit your article to

    Several Thousands of High Quality Article Sites

    In fact, the total number of article directories i can submit to is
    3900 Article Directories

    1000 of those article directories are PR1+, 600 are PR2+ up, includes everything up to PR7.

    My submission includes High Quality Sites like Ezine articles, Articlesbase, Goarticles, Isnare ...
    plus much more as well as submission of your article to various blogs!!

    Incredible Back links for you!!


    * Your 400-500ish words article with your link(s) and keywords.
    If desired, i can spin your own article for you.
    It is best if you already have a well spun article.

    * The category of your article(s)

    --> For max efficiency i recommend the link/keyword (which can be spun also) only in the resource box of the article.
    (Not all article directories accept articles with link in content, so i would recommend only having it in the resource box to ensure max acceptance rate of your article).
    However you can have a link in the article also if you want!
    Max 2 links per article please with 2 or so keywords each.

    (I will spin the links & keywords for you)

    Furthermore i recommend not to worry about the many low PR article sites. While i can submit to approx 3900 directories total i would recommend that i only submit to the sites with PR1+ which is approx. 1000 sites.
    However, if you want i can of course submit to all of them.

    Price for this incredible submission for great back links is Only $12 per article submission!

    Payment to PayPal cpriaulx AT gmail.com
    Email for inquires and sending article: rauh.georg AT gmail.com or PM on forum.

    You will get a detailed report after submission.

    Note that many article sites take some time to accept and publish the article(s).

    Your report can therefore not show all articles right away, sometimes it can take a day or longer until your articles are live!


    Last edited: Feb 25, 2011
    GeorgR., Feb 25, 2011 IP
  2. adsterhome

    adsterhome Peon

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    Please send me a PM detail of some review for this !
    adsterhome, Feb 25, 2011 IP
  3. GeorgR.

    GeorgR. Peon

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    I forgot, please also provide a few titles for your Article so i can use them in the spinner.

    ---> If you DO not have an article, i can use an "ultra spinnable article" of mine which are extreme high quality pre-spun articles. I have those for the internet marketing,S EO,health and diet & weight loss niche. I can provide those for an extra $5.

    Also, kindly let me know whether you want a full blast (this is: Including all PR0 directories) or a blast only for sites PR1+.

    Also please note that the final number of sites to submit to and then the number of sites where it got successfully submitted is LOWER than the total number of sites available.
    On average, i have 2000 "confirmed" sites out of the 3900 available (the rest is down, unavailable, whatever) which i use for the blast.

    How many sites of those 2000 then accept the submission varies, depending what category the site and your article is and so forth.
    So..please do NOT expect your article to pop up on 3900 sites..the *actual* number will be lower....but could be about 1000.

    ( Personally, i blast my own articles only to PR1+, those are a few hundred sites. I would recommend the same.)

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
    GeorgR., Feb 26, 2011 IP