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QuadraCentifiable - New Zealand SEO Competition

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by t2dman, Sep 13, 2010.

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    There is a new SEO Competition in New Zealand for the phrase "QuadraCentifiable". The stated aim of the competition is to raise the profile of SEO in New Zealand. Many top Optimizers are vying for the prestige of ranking top at the end of the competitions 3 month term in November 2010.

    Who is currently top?

    My SearchMasters website NZSEOChallenge.co.nz is currently ranking top.

    A definition of QuadraCentifiable?

    I have defined the phrase based on my passion for raising the awareness of proper SEO in New Zealand. QuadraCentifiable - quad (4), centi(100) Therefore QuadraCenti is "many". We should practice QuadraCentifiable SEO. We should be many times Certified/Qualified to do proper SEO. We need many QuadraCentified webdevelopers who know what is required to get clients websites ranking well on Google. I find so many developers have no idea on how to rank their clients sites, even when they state on their website that they do SEO!!!

    SearchMasters History

    Way back in 2004, I got my website Time2Dine.co.nz ranking top 10 for the phrase Nigritude Ultramarine. Even now it is ranking high - currently 2nd worldwide. This latest 2010 competition is the only other competition I have competed in. It is a very large effort to rank high on Google for competition phrases, something you don't want to do too often.

    In the Nigritude competition, I SEO'ed many international websites in return for inbound links. It springboarded my career in SEO in particular for vBulletin websites. Now I SEO mainly New Zealand websites and have built a business around that. It will be interesting to see what young talent is showcased in the New Zealand challenge, and if that springboards careers as it did mine.

    Links links and more links

    I find linking is an essential chore as part of the SEO process. More and more I am finding that mere words on pages, and proper onsite SEO is not enough to get clients ranked. They need a good quantity of inbound links to get them ranked top 5. Often the competition is too intense for the obvious phrases (unless they spend lots on links), and I must search for niches that they can dominate in. Potentially hundreds of long tail niche phrases can be found that with blog posts, or good site structure, they can rank for.

    Similarly with the QuadraCentifiable competition, many incoming links are needed. Onpage SEO is certainly not enough. What help is available from readers of DP? I would love some help in continuing to rank high for the QuadraCentifiable phrase.

    I have links available from my searchmasters.co.nz/articles/quadracentifiable/ blog post, if people would like something in return.
    t2dman, Sep 13, 2010 IP