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Push-notification network (Cases + Bonus)

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by Richpush, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Hey, guys we've launched push-notification network and we see very high conversion ratio.
    • All Geo
    • 0.04-0.1 CPC
    • up to 114% ROI
    • High conversion rate
    • Human traffic
    • Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google
    For example

    Affiliate offer: Men health creme
    Targeting: Worldwide
    Banners: 100 banners created
    eCPC: $0,03
    Spent: $8597
    Earned: $14554,7
    ROI: 69,3%

    Affiliate offer: Gambling
    Targeting: Italy
    Banners: 5 banners created
    eCPC: $0,065
    Spent: $3632
    Earned: $7772,4
    ROI: 114%

    Almost all affiliate offers show good performance: nutra, men health, gambling, finance, casino, betting, crypto, etc. See more cases: https://admachine.co/cases/push-notification-ads

    Want some push-ads? Sign up https://richpush.co/#/signup
    Tell our manager a promo-code "Digitalpoint" and get 10% bonus
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    We've launched self-serve registration!
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