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Selling Providing 3000+ Words SEO Ready / Pillar Content

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by arghya139, Jul 2, 2020.



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    Hi there, first let me introduce myself, I am a content writer from India and I am posting this thread only to provide SEO Ready Long Articles which are deep researched, well written and without silly mistakes.

    So What Kind of Contents I Can Provide ?
    1. Trademark Content : Articles will be about some new ways to solve a problem, which has been not discussed before, will enough research data that will keep the reader occupied with enthusiasm and faith that this type of method works. Best used for Landing Pages.
    2. Go To Guidebook : All tips, tricks and methods at one place - like a super newbie friendly guidebook, detailed and step by step explanation based. This will come with lots of images, specially screenshots on how steps are being done. Best used for blogs.
    3. Expanded List Post : Well, you all have came across this type of content which tells 50 or 100 ways how you can boost your instagram. That type falls into this category, this can be anything ranging from methods, products, services, recipe etc. This type of content is highly useful for creating bookmarks and shares by others.
    4. The Hero Post : Best/Top/Most Popular products or websites or themes or literally anything which makes people drool. These are generally the longer, the better. This type of content is best for pillar content.
    Yes, these are the most recognized Content Frameworks that works in whitehat SEO so I am offering my service to write them.

    What you will be getting :
    1. It goes without saying, all content is written by me, no plagiarism etc - you know the drill.
    2. Contents will be well researched, to the point and explained to the tiniest detail.
    3. I will provide unique graphs, infographics and images - created by me in PhotoShop and also some images taken from Shutterstock legally. Images will be provided inside article and in a separate folder with Citation / Keyword inserted into them.
    4. Articles will contain sharetriggers so that it will be easier to read and share.
    5. Can also create videos and animations if needed, but they will be charged extra.
    6. Unique title, intro, body, conclusion and one brief summary for every article.
    7. At least 3000 words article, at most 5000.
    8. Keywords go inside the content, as always. I am a student of Brain Dean so generally follow his advice about placing them, but if you have some other ideas, I am all ears.
    How long it will take ?

    Most of the times, it will be delivered within 3-4 days but articles which require lots of work may take upto 7 days, I am looking to provide quality work here, not to grab quick cash.

    How much it will cost you ?
    • Content rate is Fixed for now, $29 each, paid in advance every time.
    • There will be no review copies, if you need to see my writing quality, read this post again, period.
    • I will talk with you, give you brief about the article, we both agree, you pay and I start writing, as simple as that.
    So if you are interested, please get in touch through pm.
    If you have any queries, feel free to post here.

    Stay Safe.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2020
    arghya139, Jul 2, 2020 IP