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Protecting Directories From IMage Theft

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Homer, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Hi everybody!

    It's been a while since I posted here but for some reason my recent challenge has brought the DP nation to mind. I will do my best to describe the challenge, I admit I am not an expert coder.
    I have a website that allows a user to make custom card designs. It is all done with PHP, Mysql, GD libraries, TT fonts, etc.

    1) User enters data

    2) Proof copy renders in the browser
    It is a gif image 550 X 340 embedded in a design module with tools to edit

    3) User completes editing
    This is where my challenge is!

    It seems people have found a way to automate the theft of images. All images are stored in www.domainname/Uploads/filename.gif. By right mouse clicking over the image I can see the full url...e.g www.domainname/Uploads/1213424320786577546723_company_name895675890.gif

    By doing some much needed file maintenance on my server I discovered this was happening today. I just removed over 700,000 images from the server in less that 15 days.

    What is happening here (by viewing images) is they are stripping all info out and capturing the background image alone.

    What would be a good remedy? e.g. htaccess to only allow domain or script access, js or PHP scripts.

    Any feedback is much appreciated :)


    Homer, Oct 18, 2009 IP