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Proposal: The Most Most Challenge

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Descard, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Hello. :) I would like to propose a monthly contest where the contestants should look for the ugliest or most beautiful thing or whatever it is that I indicate to them. Only one round at a time.
    The bases would be:
    1. Each contestant will submit only one proposal.
    2. Registration will be free, I will only ask for a simple registration in exchange from one of my referral links.
    3. The call will always be during the 1st week of each month, at the end a topic will be opened with the candidates in a survey that will be open for one more week.
    4. The winner will be awarded by me via MP and will leave proof on the subject.
    5. If other users want to contribute something (it does not necessarily have to be money) to improve the prizes, they will be welcome.
    6. No pornography or gore will be allowed.
    7. It will be great start in April. :D
    For the winner I can offer:

    1 marketing method (we'll see which one later).
    1 register with your referral link.
    3 reviews (Maps, Tripadvisor, Play Store ...) from different people and IP's.
    2 Random Steam Keys.

    For the 2nd place:

    1 minor marketing method.
    1 register with your referral link.
    2 reviews.
    1 Random Steam Key.

    For the 3rd place:

    1 marketing method (the same as above).
    2 reviews.

    How do you like the idea? :D Any question or suggestion? I will be happy to read you. If I notice a lot of acceptance, it would improve the awards and we get serious. :cool:
    Descard, Feb 28, 2021 IP
  2. Descard

    Descard Greenhorn

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    Examples for this: the most ugly website, the most beautiful blonde mexican girl, the most funny boardroom meeting sugestion meme (not own), the most bad joke...

    Things that you get easy on the internet, to laugh in quarantine. :)
    Descard, Mar 1, 2021 IP