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Selling Programming full time starting at 600 a month

Discussion in 'Programming' started by sitescripts, Sep 15, 2013.



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    For more information see: http://www.gridzoneindia.com/packages.htm
    What is dedicated hiring?
    if you are having continuous work, we can assign professionals in fully dedicated model as fulltime or part time on a monthly basis. If hired, they will be working for you 9 hours a day, 6 days a week as fulltime or 4:30 hours a day, 6 days a week as parttime, and will be online in chat on supporting hours. They will be sending daily work updates and in-between mails. It will be just like your offshore development center.

    How the Packages differ from each other?
    Basically the difference between Standard, Silver and Gold professionals is their experience and skillset.

    In case of programming, a Standard programmer doesn't means having less quality. We won't dare to risk with quality of service. The difference is the level of experience and the skillsets. A standard PHP programmer will be a good PHP-mysql programmer with or without much exposure to some open source cms. They will be 1 to 3 years experienced and will also be aware of html, css, js, and oops concepts, mvc architecture, etc. Usually standard programmers fits for almost all generic needs. Most of them will be graduate or post graduate.

    The silver programmer will be more experienced, 4 to 6 years. They will be smart with the qualities of standard programmer and some open source cms expertise, good oops concepts, good knowledge in software engineering, may be exposed to one or more frame works, good analytical and logical skills, fast coding, etc. Some silver programmers may do some designing too and the other way also.

    The gold programmer will be a jack of many and master of some. Beside the silver programmer's abilities, they will be good project/team leads, experts in one or more frameworks, having a vast knowledge base, etc. They are most needed for high end works or to lead a team for some serious projects.
    sitescripts, Sep 15, 2013 IP
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    PLease add me dancenation is my skype so we can discuss further thank you for your time
    dancenation, Oct 9, 2013 IP