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Selling Profitable Article Services Business/Huge Income Monthly - Fully Automated

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Mainak Halder, Mar 28, 2014.

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    “Fully Outsourced Article Writing, Blog Post Writing, Ebook Writing, Press Release Writing, Web Content Writing and Product Review Writing BUSINESS IN A BOX - With a Huge Profit in Every Sale! No Technical Knowledge nor Experience Needed.”

    This auction includes 13 Buy It Now Bonuses Worth $997 to help serious buyers succeed FAST!


    You are bidding on a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Article Writing, Blog Post Writing, Ebook Writing, Press Release Writing, Web Content Writing and Product Review Writing Services for small business owners. Your new online business will resell Article Writing, Blog Post Writing, Ebook Writing, Press Release Writing, Web Content Writing and Product Review Writing services. There is HUGE DEMAND for This Service & It is Growing Every Day...

    All Internet Marketers and SEO companies are looking for quality content, so there is high demand for this service…

    If you are looking for a profitable business that works 24/7, 365 days of the year and that is fully outsourced. This is it!

    · Brandable and Keyword Rich Domain name

    · Very Professional Site Design – The Website Has A Super Sales Page To Convert your visitors into customers, a fully functional ecommerce shop with cart, portfolio articles, Ticket support, Customizable Contact page and a Custom Quotation Form.

    · Very Professional Site Design – This Makes People Trust You

    · Little to No Work Required – An Hour or Two a Day Is Enough to Run the Business

    · Close to Automated Sales – Very Little Effort Required To Process Orders!

    · Make Up to $600 per Sale For a $400 Per Sale PROFIT!

    · Ticket Support - To Support your customers in an organized way!

    · Pedanticcreativewriting.com - Offer 6 Different Services Priced From $3 to $600

    · Google Analytics Already Installed and Working – Track Your Visitors and How They Become Costumers Easily!

    · One of the Hottest and Most Profitable Businesses Right Now!

    · Proven Marketing Blueprint - Just Follow the Steps Outlined and You’re Good to Go

    · FREE Website Transfer to Your Hosting Account

    · FREE 30 Days Support – For a Smooth and Quick Transition!

    · Great Costumer Support – Ask Anything You Want!

    Why Should You Buy It?

    If you are looking for an opportunity to make money, this business is a great investment.

    You can quit your job, get out of debt, provide for you and your family and finally be financially independent!

    Pedanticcreativewriting.com is the biggest and hottest services you can offer right now.

    All the big SEO and Internet Marketing companies, bloggers are using Article Writing, Blog Post Writing, Ebook Writing, Press Release Writing, Web Content Writing and Product Review Writing Services because they instantly grab attention, propel them to the top of the search engines, skyrocket conversions and increase sales.

    Anyone with a business is your potential client!

    Businesses will want to order from you, because you will offer quality Article Writing, Blog Post Writing, Ebook Writing, Press Release Writing, Web Content Writing and Product Review Writing Services.

    Who will want these Article Writing Services?

    Small businesses, marketers, webmasters, social media marketers, affiliate marketers, Organic Health Shop, Spas, Wine Merchants, Boarding Kennels, Outdoor Architects, Children's Entertainers, Dance School, Fashion Stores, Hire, Bouncing Castles, Limo Hire, Martial Arts, Offline Marketing Consultant, Osteopaths, Driveways, Physiotherapists, Radio Station, Cake Bakery, Church, Pubs, Jewelers, Wedding Planner, Accountants, Record Labels, Tyre Dog Grooming, Golf Course, Sign Makers, Tattoo Artists, Vets, Aerial Services, Pond Services, Car Wash Valeting, Funeral Directors, Laser Hair Removal, Recruitment Agencies, Wedding Car, Catering Equipment, Chiropody, Mortgage Office, Nail Salon Technician, Equipment, Cat Grooming, Human Hair Wigs, Injury Lawyers, Mobile Hairdresser, Mobile Phone Repair, Motorcycles, Thai Restaurant, Barbers and other businesses who need to communicate their message in a more appealing and professional way.

    There are millions of new businesses and websites starting every day so the market is huge and as we say in internet marketing, EVERGREEN.


    What are the Benefits of Buying This Business:
    1. Make up to $600 per sale
    2. 100% Outsourced
    3. Very low Investment for What you can Earn
    4. Everything Already Done for You
    5. Easy to run, Just Forward the Emails to the Outsourcers you get from Orders
    6. Can be run from Anywhere in the World
    7. No Extra Costs After you Buy

    This Is What You Get:

    1. Complete Business in a Box
    2. Professional Design
    3. Easy to use Wordpress Back Office - Easily Edit and Change Things on Your Site with the Wordpress Back Office
    4. Complete Marketing Blueprint, Just Follow the Steps Outlined and You’re Good to Go
    5. Google Analytics Already Installed and Working
    6. No Work Required Other Than Forwarding Emails from Orders and Promoting Your Site
    7. Little Work Required to Run the Website
    8. The site was designed in WordPress so you can change the logo, packages names and price, and more in a couple of minutes without any coding.
    9. Free Website Transfer to Your Hosting Account So you don’t Need to Worry About Anything Technical!
    10. Awesome Costumer Support for 30 Days!
    11. If you want us to set up a similar site in another niche, contact us.

    What About Traffic Generation?

    To help you with your traffic generation efforts we added 2 *** FREE BONUSES***. The guides will show you how to harvest free traffic (like Social Media Strategies, Forum Strategies and PPC). These guides will give you the info you need to kick-start your business. (Worth: $67)


    How Much Can I Make?

    Here are the numbers:

    SEO Articles
    - 500 Words Cost: $3.00 | Sale: $10.00 |Profit: $7
    - 750 Words Cost: $4.5 | Sale: $15.00 |Profit: $10.5
    - 1000 Words Cost: $6.00 | Sale: $20.00 |Profit: $14
    - 1500 Words Cost: $9.00 | Sale: $30.00 |Profit: $21

    Blog Articles
    - 500 Words Cost: $5.00 | Sale: $20.00 |Profit: $15
    - 1000 Words Cost: $10.00 | Sale: $40.00 |Profit: $30
    - 1500 Words Cost: $15.00 | Sale: $60.00 |Profit: $45
    - 2000 Words Cost: $20.00 | Sale: $80.00 |Profit: $60

    Web Content
    - 2500 Words Cost: $25 | Sale: $100.00 |Profit: $75
    - 5000 Words Cost: $50.00 | Sale: $200.00 |Profit: $150
    - 7500 Words Cost: $75.00 | Sale: $300.00 |Profit: $225
    - 10,000 Words Cost: $100.00 | Sale: $400.00 |Profit: $300

    - 10 Words Cost: $40 | Sale: $120.00 |Profit: $80
    - 20 Words Cost: $80.00 | Sale: $240.00 |Profit: $160
    - 40 Words Cost: $160 | Sale: $480.00 |Profit: $320
    - 50 Words Cost: $200 | Sale: $600.00 |Profit: $400


    BIN (Buy It Now) Bonuses - Over $1,000 Worth

    FREE Hosting for 3 months (Worth: $30)
    FREE Advertising Banner for 60 days on my blog (Worth $150)
    FREE Facebook Fan Page Plus Timeline Cover Design (Worth: $97)
    FREE Google Plus Setup and Cover Design (Worth $97)
    FREE Keyword Research (Worth: $30)
    FREE Premium SEO Plugin (Worth $497)
    FREE Premium Theme (Worth $50)
    FREE 30-days FULL Email Support! (Priceless)


    Plugins Installed:

    1. SEO Plugin -
    A sophisticated SEO plugin that optimizes your site for search engines.
    2. WoocommerceA plugin for setting up the shop and cart.
    3. Google XML Site-map Plugin -This plugin create a site-map of your website. Site-maps improve your SEO.
    4. Wordpress Cache Plugin - Improve the performance of the site and make it load faster (needs PHP to work).
    5. Backup/ Restore - Plugin backs up all your site (including database) weekly to the cloud. You can restore your whole site to any of the weekly back-ups.
    6. Ticket Plugin - Embeds a ticket support on your internet site.
    7. Security Plugin - Anti-virus and Firewall security plugin.
    8. Contact Form - Creates contact form to be contacted by potential clients.
    9. WP-OptimizeThis plugin optimizes your database and keeps it as light as possible.
    10. WordPress AnalyticsThis plugin gives you a view of the traffic on your blog and how they are reacting.



    Q: How easy is to run the Business if I have no previous experience?
    A:The business is almost completely automated. What you have to do is take the orders and email your suppliers with the instructions. Then when your suppliers deliver and you send them to your clients. That’s it!

    Q: How long it will take before I can start working on my business?

    A:Around 24 to 48 hours after we receive your cPanel information, after you pay for the website of course. If you have don’t have a cPanel hosting account, it could take a bit longer.

    Q: What happens after I buy the site and make the payment to your PayPal account?

    A: You need to get an account at Namecheap and we will transfer the domain to your account first. After that, we will transfer the site to your hosting account, if you have one.

    Q: I don't have a hosting account?

    A: No problem, you can get one from Bluehost, Hostgator or any other hosting sites. If you make a BIN purchase, you will get two months of FREE Hosting with us.

    Q: Do I need a Namecheap account?

    A:Yes, you just need an account to transfer your domain.

    Q: Can I change the packages prices?

    A:Yes, you can.

    Q: How much is the reserve prices?

    A:Only $100.

    Q: Why do you not accept Escrow?

    A:We only accept Escrow for sites that sell over $500.

    Q: What happen after I buy through BIN or win the auction?

    A:We will check our Paypal account. Once payment is received, we will contact you on your PayPal email ID and ask you the account name where we are going to transfer the domain. Once you send the information from your end, we will start transferring the domain. Once that is complete, you can send us the details of your hosting account so that we can upload the site to your account. If you do not want to share the cPanel details with us, you can tell us and we will send you all files and databse in zipped format which you have to just upload to start the site running.

    For a BIN buyer, we will send you all the bonuses to your email ID.

    Mainak Halder, Mar 28, 2014 IP
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  2. venturefox

    venturefox Notable Member

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    ...Cat Grooming, Human Hair Wigs, Injury Lawyers...

    Were you running out of industries to list?
    venturefox, Mar 30, 2014 IP
  3. Mainak Halder

    Mainak Halder Member

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    It's not about "running out of the industries list" but it's written for those who don't know who buys articles or the industries that needs articles.
    Mainak Halder, Mar 30, 2014 IP