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Selling Profitable Amazon Website For Sale

Discussion in 'Sites' started by rebirthmediagroup, Jun 28, 2014.

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    If you are looking for a website business that is already consistently making money each month with a proven affiliate program, you've come to the right place. We are selling this website at less than 12 months times monthly earnings.

    What Do You Have For Sale?

    YouShopper.net is an awesome online discount shopping portal that automatically pulls in products from the top online retailer in the world, Amazon. Any product that is sold on Amazon can be pulled up on this website. If a visitor decides to purchase or get more information on a product, they are taken to Amazon under your affiliate ID and you get paid a commission.

    Is Income Be Generated On This Website?

    Yes, there are several products on the website in which visitors can click and get more information from Amazon.

    When a visitor clicks from the website to Amazon, we get paid a commission if they buy anything on Amazon within 24 hours or 90 days if they add any items to the shopping cart.

    How Much Work Is Required To Run This Website?

    This website is set up to run on autopilot, there isn't much maintenance required. Everything is automatically connected to Amazon via API. You can add more items via plugins if you want with one push of a button.

    The only work that would be required is trying to get more traffic to the website to increase the earnings. So, you don't have to add products or any posts.

    What Form of Payment Are You Accepting for This Auction?

    We are only accepting payments via Paypal for this auction.

    What do I need to run this website?
    • A Godaddy Account to push or transfer the domain to your ownership
    • An hosting account (Hostgator, Bluehost,Monsterhost, etc) to transfer this website. (we'll make the transfer for you).
    • Have or be able to get a Amazon Affiliate Account

    Where is Your Screenshots of Traffic and Income Proof?

    January 2014

    February 2014

    March 2014

    April 2014

    May 2014

    June 2014

    6 Month Total

    Traffic: (This is an Awstat Report, We never used Google Analytics on this site)

    Can I Use Any Other Monetization Methods On This Website?
    Sure, you could add Google Adsense or CPA to the Review Posts. We only used Amazon because we thought that we could get the best results by focusing on one affiliate program, but you may be able to make more buy adding Adsense. You will need to test it.

    Are There Any Monthly Expenses?

    The only expenses for the website is what you would spend in hosting costs, which would be no more than about $4 - $10 per month.

    What All Do I Get For My Purchase?

    Domain Name: YouShopper.net
    Entire Website and all of its assets and content.
    30 Day Support
    Information On How To Increase Revenue Even More.


    YouShopper.net would make a great website for someone who is looking for a great way to make passive income online. The main form of income is from Amazon where people are actually paying money for products in which you get paid a commission.

    Good Luck
    rebirthmediagroup, Jun 28, 2014 IP
  2. InvestmentGuru21

    InvestmentGuru21 Peon

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    Has this website been sold yet?

    Do you take offers or is your BIN firm because although you website is well designed you are asking more than x10 times your monthly revenue.

    I'll give you 6 months revenue for it, $216 dollars cash today.
    InvestmentGuru21, Jul 5, 2014 IP
  3. rebirthmediagroup

    rebirthmediagroup Well-Known Member

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    100% - 8
    Well, It's not unusual to ask for 12 - 15 months times monthly earnings. But I am willing to sell for about 9 months times earnings at $300. Send me a PM if you're interested.
    rebirthmediagroup, Jul 7, 2014 IP
  4. tradesol

    tradesol Well-Known Member

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    hi has this sold? interested at 360$ please advise by PM thanks
    tradesol, Jul 7, 2014 IP