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Selling Professional Web Page Designing, 20+ iTrader

Discussion in 'Design' started by getadviced, Sep 4, 2013.



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    Hello fellow DP member's,
    If you are looking for professional web designing and development services, I have something to show you. I do layered PSD designs, HTML5 CSS3 conversions, mobile Responsive designs, javascript, jquery, ajax and PHP/mySQL development. Please check some of my few works.
    My hourly rate is as low as $7/hour or can work on fixed budgets! PM me for details

    Some of my Live designing and development works:
    1. http://carillonmedia.com/ (Responsive Design and development with a custom CMS)
    2. http://heartlandskidneycare.co.uk/ (Designing and Development with a custom CMS using PHP)
    3. http://www.thebeautyshop.co.uk/ (Wordpress customization)
    4. http://thekochireporter.com/ (a news portal done on Wordpress)
    5. http://esquish.com/ (A big custom portal with a CMS for managing users and content)
    6. http://likebids.com/ (featured on Mashable, but discontinued due to facebook ToS)
    7. http://therelist.com/ (A real estate portal with vast options on front and admin section)
    8. http://orangewoodcapital.com/
    9. http://optimumzworld.com/ (A cool design from us)
    10. http://www.aicsweb.com/ (A professional design)
    11. http://agastyaashram.com/ (An awesome design)
    12. http://alexbbq.com/ (BBQ with American Retro style design)
    Comment below or send a PM for details.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2013
    getadviced, Sep 4, 2013 IP
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  2. lapensee

    lapensee Well-Known Member

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    The designs looks great :). Do you do word press designs?
    lapensee, Sep 4, 2013 IP
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  3. getadviced

    getadviced Well-Known Member

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    Yes, I do wordpress designs as well. If you are interested I will show some of our Wordpress works. Thank you
    getadviced, Sep 4, 2013 IP
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