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Selling Professional Content Writing Services with 3 E's - Experience, Expertise & Excellence

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Connor Harrison, Feb 15, 2016.



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    Welcome on board! My name is Connor Harrison and I’m a professional content developer with four years of experience in creating all forms of content, as well as exploring content marketing strategies for different kind of websites and blogs.

    I’ve written several articles, blogs and eBooks on various topics. I have worked extensively with startups so I know how to market products and write press releases too. I previously managed my own blog, and contributed to several online publications for different organizations. I have a well defined voice, when it comes to my writing and nothing makes me happier than creatively expressing myself with my words!

    My Strengths:
    • Passionate about work
    • A go-getter
    • Prompt in meeting deadlines
    • Responsible and detail-oriented
    • Professional and Quality Individual Writer.
    If you're willing to venture and pick my services, I'll devote my absolute attention to meet all your requirements within my limits; and promise to fulfill the entirety of our agreement. Talking about the rates, I charge $7.5 per 500 words’ piece.

    Contact Details:
    Email Address: /
    Skype – BeingSwaggatron
    PayPal Email –

    I look forward to putting my skills to work on your project!

    Best regards,
    Last edited: May 23, 2016
    Connor Harrison, Feb 15, 2016 IP
  2. Tumpo

    Tumpo Well-Known Member

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    Used Connor's services, and he did a great job, the article was well researched despite being a longer and not so common language and the communication was prompt.
    Tumpo, Mar 10, 2016 IP
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  3. suprastan

    suprastan Well-Known Member

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    Added you to my Skype
    suprastan, Apr 13, 2016 IP