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Process checkout on an external site, possible?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Pollux69, Feb 21, 2019.

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    I apologize this post is rather lengthy. It is necessary so that you understand the scope of my past business flow and what I need assistance with regarding a successful adult eCommerce site.

    I have had years of trouble with merchant/payment processors for several successful adult sites that I run. I've worked with many of the large ones ccBill, Paxum, ePoch, etc. I cannot sustain paying their excessive transaction fees and yearly dues + initial activation fees ($700+). Their checkout process absolutely destroys conversion rates (0.05%-0.20%) and I've had this re-affirmed by customer outreach polls and follow-up pages after abandonments.

    **Fast forward>>**I found a way to use PayPal as my merchant safely, without getting my business account limited and it's been working for 3 years with over 10k transactions at 1.0%-3.5% conversion rates, including sales and payments to independent contractors/models for their commission payouts. The site gets a ton of repeat customers daily, because checkout has been simplified and appears more trustworthy by recognizing PayPal as a checkout option. PayPal does not allow adult content. However, they never see that the originating site initializing the transaction is of adult nature. Rather, a 2nd website (external) handles this process.

    Currently: I run an adult service website (18+ custom XXX content) with live models that join and list their offers/packages to visitors. The visitors can look through all the models' profiles and their packages/offers within them. Once a visitor sees something they like, they can buy that package and make a custom/personalized request for the model to perform on video, pictures, or live cam session (must be 18, etc).

    How it works now: I have been successfully been using PayPal as the merchant for all transactions for over 3 years with no issues, due to the method of completing the transactions. Everything is coded manually. Here's basically how the process works.

    1.) Visitor clicks on an package they want to buy (it links to a custom external form to collect their contact details and custom requests of what they want to watch the model perform. The prices are pre-set by me and are the same for all models (each with about 6 different package options).
    2.) On form submit, the conditional logic of the form redirects to an external URL that I manually have coded via iFrame redirect (meaning the URL/domain in the address bar doesn't change, but a whole different site page loads, which is where the the customer can complete the paypal payment). All the customer sees is PayPal payment button with the price next to it, with some details below specifying what the business will look like on their statement, SSL/safe encryption info, etc. The reason I have it set up like this is because that external site is just a vanilla business site that I also run, mainly to allow transactions to flow through to PayPal business account safely. When PayPal checks the referring domain URL, they'll see a normal business site with normal business content.

    3.) Once the customer completes the payment, an email from PayPal with the transaction info is sent to my autoresponder account, which will read the specific ItemID that I programmed for that button/package that is listed in the confirmation email. The autoresponder will look for the ItemID for the order and trigger an SMS message(plain text email) to the model's phone #, indicating a new sale with basic order information, but no customer contact info.

    4.) I also get this alert with SMS. When I do, I review the order (original order form submission the customer filled out) via an app on my phone, screenshot it, and then send it to the proper model via our communication app just for this service. She contacts the customer and they initiate a private session that the customer paid for.

    Side note: There are a lot more processes that automatically happen via autoresponders too, which aren't that important for this inquiry (confirmation email to customer, delayed email for model review/rating/experience, etc). Also, each model has their own private dashboard that shows their orders (form submission data), and stats about traffic to their pages, plus capabilities to update profile pic, etc. Pretty basic.

    As you can probably tell, I hate this process because it requires my involvement for every sale and sometimes when they come in overnight, I can't review/send them for several hours until I wake up. Sometimes there are 10-30 orders that are just pending to be addressed by me and routed to the proper model who have already been waiting since they got the text alert on their end. It's worked decently for the 3 years, and revenues have exceeded $275,000, but I have no life because I'm tethered to the dispatching of orders around the clock.

    What I want now: I have been looking at many different solutions and decided to implement the microjob themes and multivendor plugins that would satisfy my business operations with significant customizations that I have already done over the past two months. After all the testing, it runs beautifully with automated notifications, organized model dashboards showing orders, sales, packages they can customize with their own pictures/previews, private account info, withdrawal info, etc. And the admin panels are finally where I need them to be. Everything works well except when the process gets to the payment gateway for PayPal. I am stuck.

    Since the plugin performs the checkout process and passes it via PayPal's system, I have little expertise on how to change any aspect of this process.

    My question: I would like to continue to reserve the identity of my adult site from PayPal's eyes and continue using their service for my sales transactions on the new website. So, from a developer's opinion, would it be possible to either:

    A.) Mask or alter my referring domain info (adult site) when the checkout is passed to PayPal? B.) Pass or transfer the entire checkout process to a 2nd external vanilla business website, which then proceeds to checkout via PayPal? I know that this process will require significant coding and perhaps API, tokens, etc, which is beyond my capabilities to resolve.

    The main key is ensure the checkout process runs smoothly and all orders are properly logged automatically when successful payments are made, which means the data would need to come back around from PayPal's systems indicating completion of the checkout. Is it possible to maintain the stealth?

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this and provide any suggestions you may have. Thanks in advance.
    Pollux69, Feb 21, 2019 IP
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    Bumping. Any suggestions?
    Pollux69, Feb 22, 2019 IP