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Problems with Google indexing of ecommerce website

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by lumpy, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Hello. I launched an ecommerce website about 3 months ago. As any regular ecommerce site, we have the following pages:

    - index, with about 30 products (new, sales, special offers)
    - category pages
    - supplier pages (products are listed by their supplier)
    - sales & new products
    - the single product page - this is the problem

    The product page is troublesome in regards to Google indexing. I have around 1.5k products listed on the website at the moment, but when I do a search for site:domain.com with my website, Google shows most of my category, supplier, sales pages, but very very few product pages.

    The product page contains the image, brief product details and a short-ish description (around 100 words) about the product.

    What I've done to investigate the problem:
    - added the sitemap to Google. It contains links to all the products on the website
    - Verified in Search Console that the sitemap is parsed correctly. It is, no errors about that.
    - Purchased a SEO pack from a company, which came in with some links to my website
    - Checked that we don't have issues with robots.txt, noindex tags, slow site loading etc
    This is the Coverage report in Google search console: https://i.imgur.com/0EUsbwC.png

    I'm running out of options as to what the problem might be. Can someone suggest some other things to check?
    lumpy, Jul 9, 2019 IP
  2. Don Jackson

    Don Jackson Peon

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    From what you have described, you have thin content on the product pages. As you said "shortish description around 100 words".

    I am curious, did you use stock descriptions for the products ? Understand this could be considered "duplicate content" if your suppliers also use the same descriptions.

    In all honesty a look at the pages would be needed to offer any sound advice.
    Don Jackson, Jul 9, 2019 IP
  3. bobs

    bobs Active Member

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    I recommend below.
    1) Optimize website speed if not optimized yet.
    2) Use breadcrumb in micro-format.
    3) Check for duplicate meta tags and content.
    4) Create xml sitemap and submit using webmaster console.
    5) Check canonical tag. Use it carefully.
    6) Check your robots.txt and pages code. There would be no-index and no-follow tag.
    bobs, Jul 12, 2019 IP