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Problem with Bing Ads Quality Score

Discussion in 'Bing Ads' started by spiderpig97, May 19, 2014.

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    Im trying to advertise my Website with Bing Ads but the problem is that i have a Quality Score of only 3.The keyword relevance is good,the Landingpage relevance is no problem but the Landingpage User Experience is poor.I dont understand that,the Website design is really professional,it has a navigation,a Private Policy.It has as much content as other sucessfull Websites in this field and the quality of the content is good.The Landingpage load time is not that bad.For the 2 Images it has alt text.It has a fixed width of 960px but I don't look for mobile traffic.What are the important things I should do to optimize my Landingpage User Experience ? There are just so many things that i could do and I dont know whats really important.
    spiderpig97, May 19, 2014 IP
  2. Matei Gavriluta

    Matei Gavriluta Well-Known Member

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    • Identify Potential Ads Which Are Not Set Up Correctly.
    • Use Ads That Reflects Targeted Keywords. Ads That Don’t Reflect Target Keywords
    • Using Enough Ad Groups.
    • Using Quality Score Column.

    • Not Using Content Bids. If Content Network is opted there will be used lower, separated bids for the keywords on the Network because ROI is much poorer. In return clicks from Content Network are larger but lower quality and less likely to convert (like in your case). Set the bids to maximum to a lower amount than the search network by opting in to use Content bids.
    • Update Landing Pages. Not Coding but with some impressive and flawless content. All destination URLs for all ads and keywords should be reviewed to ensure they are focused to the search query.
    • Not Enough Ads. Each keyword should have it’s own ad, sometimes two, because it’s important to focus on the keyword and include repetitions of that particular keyword. Multiple text ads for each keyword it’s a must so that we can measure which ads work best, ads with different wording.
    • Tracking URLs. Results need to be tracked to determine overall ROI.
    • Daily Budget. Keeping the ads on 24h to a more targeted audience and try and curb big daily costs.

    Create a preliminary analyze and see if:

    (A) you don't know enough about what prospects

    (B) you are doing a poor job of explaining the offer

    (C) visitors don't trust your business

    (D) bringing in visitors who aren't looking to buy

    (E) the site has usability problems

    Hope it helps.
    If you need more assistance PM me,
    Matei Gavriluta, Jul 16, 2014 IP