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Problem: Drupal URL Links Error On Facebook

Discussion in 'Drupal' started by Greg B, Jul 7, 2015.

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    For some reason, any url from our website that we post on Facebook will show an error page.

    Our site is ufodigest.com

    The owner uses Drupal and since his passing we're trying to fix the site. Any idea if the problem is Drupal or some error on our programmers part?

    Greg B, Jul 7, 2015 IP
  2. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew Notable Member

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    I am not exactly sure what would cause that. I would perhaps have to hop into htaccess and check a few things but I have observed the following...

    http://www.ufodigest.com/article/jim-marrs-population-control-how-corporate-owners-are-killing-us  does not work
    http://ufodigest.com/article/jim-marrs-population-control-how-corporate-owners-are-killing-us/  works fine!
    Code (markup):

    Hence the url has to be terminated with / when posted. WWW or not is unrelated I just got tired of DP complaining about the links I was posting lol...

    Hope that helps,
    Nigel Lew, Jul 7, 2015 IP