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Selling PRO Semi-Ads Blended-Automatic Wallpaper Blog - Powerful Plugins, No Experience nece

Discussion in 'Sites' started by deargodiouz, Oct 13, 2011.

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    1. This has Professional website design and Premium theme
    2. Wordpress Based
    3. Keyword On Domain
    4. SEO friendly with complete SEO plug-in
    5. Fully powerful plug-in to get the best in SERP (Search engine Result Position)
    6. Low Reserve Price
    7. There is a mistake in writting the amount of UV a month above. The Truely Traffic : 300-700 UV per day. more 1000 PV per day. Please cek google analytics for traffic details.

    No experience necessary! You don’t need to change code / anything with this theme because this is fully seo friendly.

    Ready Favicon Icon :

    To make this site looked professional/unique/ nice for your visitors. You just need to put the url of the icon at the theme option

    Ready For Rss Feed burner Link And Social Setting :

    This site has completely Social Site thumbs. It makes easier for Every unique visitors to share your content to their friends. Just put your url profile and make your site famous at social bookmark such as digg, facebook, twitter, flickr, gowalla, lastFM, Linkedln, Reddit, Youtube, DeviantArt, Stumbleupon, Skype, Myspace, Buzz, Foursquare, Bebo, Posterous, Yelp

    Single Post Setting :

    There is a Facebook comment box include post at the commenter’s wall

    Facebook Fan/ FB like box ( 60+ likes ~ until now)

    Place Of Ads Code :

    The theme has enjoyable features for you to monetize includes to place at the best possible location of any ads. There are 8 location that you can put the ads code. It is easily to be practiced. Just copy paste the ads code and you will see the earning revenue click from your visitors.

    Grab & save :

    You don’t need to have much time to monetize this site. As we know, this is wallpaper site. But you don’t need to download all the images which would you like to upload and save to your computer. This is fully semi-automatic site for you to post image without download it. Because the theme is including feature to ‘grab and save’ the images that you will post without downloading them. It will easily and Simply to post. No experience needed. So you don’t have to worry about posting if you are beginner in blogging. You can also have income revenue from this wonderful site for adsense, luminate, chitika, gumgum and others


    1. 1 month free hosting (Hosgator baby plan package)
    2. BONUS : 1 Twitter Account with 890 followers, niche : dating (perfect for monetizing with clickbank etc.)

    3. Contains very popular keywords good for SEO, include at the site’s plug-in. Just optimize it for good Search engine optimization result.


    THis site is for adsense purpose or you can use other PPC like space media, luminate, gum gum, etc. Now I have not yet monetize this website, Because I just want to sell it. I have not place any ads code at the website so there are more blank place at there.

    For More Information about Premium feature of the theme, and google analitics details please have alook attachments below.
    google-analitycs-stat.jpg google-webmaster-tool.jpg most-stat-visitor.png daily-stat-visitor.jpg attachment4-theme-option.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
    deargodiouz, Oct 13, 2011 IP
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    happy bidding :)
    deargodiouz, Oct 19, 2011 IP