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Selling Private Crypto Payments for OpenCart

Discussion in 'Services' started by DVOnline, May 17, 2019.



Instant Pay:

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    Anonymous and Private Payment for Web Content Management Systems (CMS)
    What are the unique advantages of using our OpenCart payment plugin?
    - 100% protection from all online customer fraud. No more charge-back scams or identity theft.
    - Zero transaction fees and no hidden fees, keep all of your hard-earned money.
    - No paperwork, no identification, no financial statements and no proof of address required.
    - Stealth addresses for unlimited use. Protect the privacy of your balance and your transaction history.
    - Stay anonymous. all payments are automatically processed through Tor to hide and protect the IP addresses.
    - Instant payments deposited directly from the buyer's wallet to the merchant's wallet without middlemen.
    - Open source code available to the public for auditing on Github.
    - Blockchain privacy payments "DeepSend" to protect the identity of the buyer is currently being tested to be released soon.
    Integration is easy with step-by-step guides. We can assist merchants in setting up their online shops to accept cryptocurrency payments. If you have any inquiry, please post here or contact me directly. If you are new to cryptocurrency, I'll be glad to guide you through.

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    DVOnline, May 17, 2019 IP