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Selling Press Release Submission Service - Quality & Cheap - Both at Same Time

Discussion in 'Services' started by wrestler, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Give Your Site a Brand with Press Release Submission Service

    What is Press Release Submission?
    Press Release (Product Release / News /Article) Submission is a Submission of your product /news /article to Press Release sites. This is a whole new technique to drive traffic and sales to your websites.

    What is the use of Press Release?

    1. It brings your website into spotlights.
    2. It is distributed all over the media, it creates buzz about your website.
    3. It drives direct targeted traffic to your website through Press Release Sites.
    4. It Increases one way backlinks to your website which are anchored with your keywords.
    5. Boosts your site’s ranking in Search Engines.
    6. Increases your product sales.
    7. Helps to get your pages crawled easily by major search engines.

    How do we do?

    1. Writing: We write a Press (which is an article/news about your product/website). Press contains all the information about your site and how it operates. We try to cover all the benefits and uses of your product/website into this press. We also take care of including your keywords into the press and anchor it with your website URL. Once we are done, we send this professional and fully SEO optimized copy of Press to you for your confirmation. And once you are ok with the copy, we proceed to next step. (Note: you need to mention if you want to verify press before its submission). We have professional press release writers who will write for you.
    2. Submission: Once we get your confirmation we start creating accounts on your name in all 125 Press Release Sites (these accounts are handed over to you with passwords along with the report once the submission is completed). After we are done with the accounts we submit the press which we have written for you, one by one.

    Ok, how do we start?
    We just need you to send us following details:

    1. Web Site (URL).
    2. Anchor text
    3. Author.
    4. Category.
    5. Company Name.
    6. Full Contact Details (Street Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email, etc.).
    7. Keywords.

    Press release submission only required details

    1. Headline (5 to 12 words)
    2. Web Site (URL)
    3. Author
    4. Summary ( 20 to 40 words)
    5. Body ( 300 to 400 words)
    6. Category
    7. Company Name
    8. Full Contact Details (Street Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email, etc.)
    9. Keywords

    What are the Prices?
    50 Press Release Submission Only $19
    50 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing $25
    125 Press Release Submission Only $39
    125 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing $45

    Bulk Order offer
    5 Orders 50 Press Release Submission Only $79
    5 Orders 125 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing $99
    5 Orders 125 Press Release Submission Only $159
    5 Orders 125 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing $179

    What Report will I get?

    Sure, you will get a complete detailed report of your Press Release Submission on Excel Sheet. It will be a detailed report.

    How can I contact you?
    You can simply PM or Post below and ask us whatever you want to. We will reply you as soon as possible.

    First 4 Orders @ 20% Discount
    wrestler, Oct 5, 2010 IP