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Selling Premium Link Generator With Earning & Traffic

Discussion in 'Sites' started by chaoscript, Apr 28, 2012.

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    I want to sell my Premium Link Generator site

    The site: http://www.ClickLeech.com

    Domain registered at GoDaddy at 29/12/2011
    The domain vaild until 29/12/2012

    ClickLeech is Premium Link Generator, it's based on RapidLeech script with custom modifications.
    Currently the site support Rapidshare and Filefactory, you can add as many sites as you want.
    *You need premium accounts to run this site.

    • Rapidleech based script (Highly modified)
    • Supporting every filehost where rapidleech plugin is available for, so almost all of them..
    • Files are streaming from filehost > downloader instead of > HDD > downloader , wich makes it basically a premium link generator
    • HDD is not really needed since its streaming files, max 10 gb.
    • Members area with automated paypal payment system (Paypal's IPN)
    • Members will get premium code immediately after purchase (in email)
    • Auto delete account/password when expired
    • Advanced admin control panel (through phpmyadmin, able to customize limits, add/delete members, adding premium accounts etc)
    • Adspots for optimizing ur earnings revenues
    • **Most amazing function: Clocktimer wich counts down the wait time after download, and if user clicks on an Advertisement, wait time will decrease automatically, these are also customizable

    *The analytics don't count from start day of site, I put the GA after few days that the site start to work.

    ~1$ in bidvertiser.com
    ** With this amazing function I've earned more then 20$ with another sites (I put links to other sites there I got revenue).

    For the buyer:
    I push free the domain via godaddy.
    I'll send him all the site content.

    Start - 49$
    Min Inc. - 2$
    BiN - TBA

    Payment - Paypal

    MSN -

    chaoscript, Apr 28, 2012 IP
  2. chaoscript

    chaoscript Well-Known Member

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    chaoscript, May 2, 2012 IP
  3. rapidleechflux

    rapidleechflux Peon

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    Domain Not working ???
    rapidleechflux, Jun 9, 2012 IP