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Selling Premium Content | English Writer | Simple, Effective, Fast

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by @phang, Jul 1, 2015.



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    I provide premium content written by an English writer with over a decade of experience writing across all niches.

    I'm not going to write paragraphs of waffle about how good my writing is, or about how I am English and therefore know how to write. You can judge my work for yourself and I am able to provide examples of my work for serious prospective clients.

    My prices are as follows - there is no bulk discount available - this is a premium, high quality offering:
    • 250 words: £5
    • 500 words: £10
    • 750 words: £14
    • 1000 words: £18
    Payment is via PayPal only.

    Interested? All you need to do is drop me a private message and we can get started...
    @phang, Jul 1, 2015 IP
  2. jaguar34

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    With your intro Above it looks like you started writing 2-3 months Ago and has just completed high-school or graduated from 2nd-grade University...
    jaguar34, Jul 1, 2015 IP