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Selling Pregnancy Blog - Adsense,Amazon,Clickbank Ready - No Res.

Discussion in 'Sites' started by EllenSmith, Jan 8, 2013.

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    3MonthsPregnant.info 9900 global monthly exact searches!


    3MonthsPregnant.info has been monetized with Articles, Adsense, ClickBank Products, Amazon Products and Amazon Store! Visitors can browse tons of Amazon Products, ClickBank Products without leaving your site.


    Google Adsense:
    Adsense ads have been customized and strategically placed into high traffic areas within this website around all articles. You can add more, or simple move them around with the Adsense Plugins that areinstalled.
    Amazon Products:
    Amazon products help you cater to this HOT niche. Visitors can browse tons of Amazon products without ever having to leave your site. The power of this, is tremendous! You have the ability to sell a wide array of products to this hungry niche market and get paid up to 10% per product you sell on Amazon.
    Clickbank Products:
    You will get around 20% to 75% of the product prices for every items purchased from each affiliate link. This is means for every $100 purchase; you will be get paid up to $75, 75% of the original prices.


    - 51 Articles
    - Domain name 3MonthsPregnant.info
    - Complete ownership of the theme, the code, files and Premium Plugins.
    - Beautiful and professional looking sales page.
    - Wordpress platform which is extremely easy to use and most of all it's very search engine friendly.
    - Lifetime free Hosting
    - Transfer the website to the buyers hosting for free.
    - Marketing and promotional guide, explaining how to promote the website 3MonthsPregnant.info

    The domain is registered at inwx.com so I can push the domain to your inwx account for no charge. If you don't currently have an account there, you can sign
    up at inwx.com for FREE.

    best regards
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2013
    EllenSmith, Jan 8, 2013 IP
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    Please advise when payment received.
    peterzim, Apr 25, 2013 IP