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Selling PR4 Ecommerce Website Design Business For Sale

Discussion in 'Sites' started by joseph44, Nov 5, 2013.

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    E-COMMERCE WEBSITES (and online stores) are becoming more and more popular on the internet today. As more and more businesses begin operating online, the demand for shopping cart websites are on a rising trend. The PROBLEM is that these websites are usually very expensive. They typically average around $1000/year just for a simple website (sometimes even higher!).

    What we are offering is a complete business in a box, allowing you to provide E-Commerce websites to your clients at ONLY $179 per year! Not only are the E-Commerce websites BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED AND FEATURE RICH, we provide you with the entire turnkey system to AUTOMATE this entire business. In other words, this BUSINESS IS FOR ANYONE. YOU DON’T NEED ANY PROGRAMMING OR TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE TO RUN IT! IN FACT, YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO SET ANYTHING UP! WE HANDLE EVERYTHING!

    THIS AUCTION IS FOR http://RDStoreFront.com (PageRank 4!!).

    1. This is a 3 day auction.
    2. Complete business in a box. Extremely easy to begin and manage, multiple passive income revenue streams.
    3. Professional website, minimalistic design, super high conversion website. Comes with 2 powerful explainer videos to boost conversions. Fully automated order handling and customer support system
    4. Absolutely NO WORK required to maintain the website.
    5. User-friendly, feature-rich, and beautifully designed E-Commerce solution you can offer to your clients. One of the hottest and most profitable online businesses right now!
    6. Fast & Free Website Transfer to Your Hosting Account (If you don’t have a hosting account yet let us know)

    Key Benefits:

    1. MULTIPLE PASSIVE INCOME REVENUE STREAMS. Earn from 3 key sources (more added soon):
      - Your E-commerce clients (passive)
      - Partner yearly fees (passive yearly)
      - Partner's E-Commerce clients (passive)
    2. Extremely high profit margin per sale (50% - 65% NET profit yearly). Prices can be marked up to suit your liking in any currency of your choice.
    3. Fully automated and integrated order handling and customer support. No hassle.
    4. 100% outsourced - You don't need to set up ANYTHING. In fact, customer support is also handled by us.
    5. High leverage - You can find business partners and earn from their sales as well!
    6. Amazing product - E-Commerce shopping cart solution with BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS and EXTREMELY FEATURE RICH.
    7. Marketing guidance included - We teach you how to get sales and partners!
    8. Extremely Low investment for what you can earn
    9. Marketing guidance and assistance is provided
    10. Can be run from ANYWHERE in the world.
    11. No extra costs after you buy. You only need to pay for your web hosting and domain renewal. In fact, we can even host the site for you at a minimal fee so you don't need to do ANYTHING
    This is the ONLY fully-automated, passive income turnkey business that's available on DP that provides a solid product, unlimited leverage, and huge income potential.

    3 ways to earn money:

    1) E-Commerce Clients
    RDStoreFront.com provides E-Commerce websites priced at an average of $179 - $236 YEARLY. The profit margin for each subscription is a minimum of 50%, and goes up to 65%, leaving you a NET profit of $89 - $153++ PER YEAR for doing absolutely nothing! You can also mark up the pricing of your services if you wish.That means with just a few sales per month you are making a full time income, and its PASSIVE! At the same time, you will still be offering the same quality E-Commerce websites as the market for less then half the price of your competitors!

    2) Business Partners Subscription Fees
    Cart-today's turnkey online system allows you to 'recruit' business partners at a yearly fee of $179/year. These business partners will be able to set up a similar website as yours (with their own brand) and market the same E-Commerce solution to their clients. All setup and technical matters will be handled by us, you won't need to do anything! You will earn 50% of your business partners fees for the first year and 30% - 50% for the subsequent years depending on their activity. In other words, you will earn $53 - $89 YEARLY from your business partners subscription.

    3) Partners' E-Commerce Clients
    When your business partners register a new E-Commerce client, you will earn a flat fee of 10% from the E-commerce fees. That is equivalent to $17 - $23 per sale YEARLY (higher if your partners mark up the pricing of the E-Commerce solution).

    What you get upon winning this auction:

    1. Complete business in one package!
    2. Professional, High converting website design
    3. Online guidance and support to get started. We will even skype with you to teach you how to get started.
    4. Free Website and domain transfer to your web hosting account
    5. No work required other than marketing your website.
    6. Support for any bugs with the website. We even send you new updated files for your website if there are changes made!

    During this time of year many businesses are looking to get an eCommerce website designed.

    That's where you and this great website come in!

    Sale Includes
    Premium PR 4 Domain name: RDStoreFront.com
    joseph44, Nov 5, 2013 IP
  2. ask2talk

    ask2talk Active Member

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    57.1% - 2
    if it has no traffic then how did you got PR4 ??
    ask2talk, Nov 5, 2013 IP
  3. maddog1993

    maddog1993 Active Member

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    Hi, why do you say this is 3 days when it says 6 in your counter? Also, do you have a BIN Price in mind?
    maddog1993, Nov 5, 2013 IP
  4. AON21

    AON21 Active Member

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    100% - 7
    I'm similarly interested in how a site with no traffic becomes a PR4 page
    AON21, Nov 7, 2013 IP
  5. PhiladelphiaIM

    PhiladelphiaIM Well-Known Member

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    100% - 8
    It seems to me that, all you've done here, is become a partner for someone else's version of this site (probably using your affiliate link or whatever) and now you're trying to sell that here on a fake PR4 domain. Very interesting!
    PhiladelphiaIM, Nov 8, 2013 IP