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PR3 Blog - Average 300 unique/day - WarriorBlog

Discussion in 'Sites' started by sean1989, Jan 21, 2008.

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    My blog: (http://www.WarriorBlog.net)

    My blog stats:

    Alexa Rank:104,297
    Average Unique visitor per day: 250-300
    Feedburner subscribers: 238

    My blog is still getting signup for email and you can easily make money
    using it by giving away eBook or writing a post selling something.

    I have used this blog to get people to subscribe to Aweber and have make
    over $500 with it in the last 4 months by selling copies of "Robbing Craigslist"

    I do not have any form of advertisement on my blog currently because I used
    it mainly to get traffic to build a list. I no longer email my list and you can also
    have that along with my blog. I have around 400-500 subscribers by Aweber
    the last time I checked.

    Starting bid is $300 and if you just want to buy it, then $400.

    I'm confident that you can make more than you spend if you know how to
    monetize a blog. I haven't use adsense yet or used any other sites like
    Payperpost, etc.

    My blog still have lots of loyal visitors and is getting new one each day from
    links I put out there in last 4 months.


    p.s. This is the first time I tried selling a website... so if you have any suggestion
    for me, it would be appreciated.
    sean1989, Jan 21, 2008 IP
  2. DanLar75

    DanLar75 Peon

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    I will take it for $400 if I can pay you via PayPal in 4 days (Started an EFT today - PayPal account is a 4 year old Business Verified 4 star buyer and seller) PM me!
    ( Also if you could install the blog on my host it would be great!!!)
    DanLar75, Jan 22, 2008 IP
  3. sean1989

    sean1989 Peon

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    Hi DarLar75. I will accept your offer but how would I go about transferring my blog to your host?

    I'm not good with these kind of things. If you know how then please show me.

    I also want to know how we go about initializing this trade because we both
    don't want to get scam. Hope to hear from you.

    p.s. I send you pm
    sean1989, Jan 22, 2008 IP