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Selling PR2 Premium- Ranked TOP#3 In Google PLUS liquidating 150 premium domain portfolio

Discussion in 'Sites' started by sitemarker, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. #1
    facialcleanser.net- 1st Page in Google PLUS 150 premum domains porfolio liquidation

    I am Selling my 150 premium domain portfolio at a price lower than a reseller's!

    names like:

    *Bionix.net (PR4, 12.5 y/o)

    ...and yes of course, my baby 'facialcleanser.net'
    is also included. Currently in Google's first page for the keywords "facial cleanser," "olive oil cleansers," and "facial cleansers."

    These 6 domains alone are already worth
    the price I'm asking....

    $16,050 only! That's all. I'll even pay for escrow fees!

    But you'll get more..in fact
    many more, just click here to see
    the full list ( there are actually around 160
    in all, so feel free to choose which 150 domains you like)

    You get all 150 domains (works out to be @ only $107 each)

    BUT, I am not done yet...


    Do you want to know the secret of big domain parking companies?
    What do you think happens when you park your domain through a domain parking company?

    They use a domain parking script to control your domain.

    So why let someone else control your domains and give them from 20 to 50% of your revenue, when you can keep ALL of the income (100%)

    That's right! I will turn ALL 150 domains into fully developed websites with as many pages as you like. You keep 100% of the money you make from ads. ( your own adsense code, amazon, eBay)

    ...all these while your domain is being marketed for sale to both, end users and domainers! ( I am selling my domains below reseller's price, remember?

    Take a look here how your domains will look like:

    DEMO 1

    DEMO 2

    Except for facialcleanser.net ( which is already a developed and top ranked blog ), if you choose to, I will create sites for all your domains...AT NO EXTRA COST!)

    If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM...

    I will be more than happy to address your concerns
    sitemarker, Oct 23, 2010 IP