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Selling PR 3 Authority Cooking Site - QUALITY Content - Adsense, Amazon - 100 Articles

Discussion in 'Sites' started by puregreen, Aug 19, 2014.

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    Cooking Authority Blog with PR 3 Domain,

    Premium Design, QUALITY Content and More!

    HUGE Money Making Potential!

    Tons of Content - 100 Articles!

    Very Low BIN Price - Only $35!

    Thank you for checking out my auction!

    Today I'm selling DinnerPrep.com - a Cooking website focusing on everything from simple cooking tips to secret advices about how to cook better!

    DinnerPrep.com is a complete AUTHORITY website that has been professionally branded, written, and designed from the ground up!

    The industry is very massive, there is a ton of growth potential here and you can jump in now with your opportunity to own an absolutely GREAT looking website with KILLER, high quality content.

    The site has PR 3 and aside from continuing to run it as is and adding more high quality content it is also a great property for buyers who are interested in using it for SEO purposes.

    If you’re looking to grow your online portfolio, DinnerPrep.com would make an excellent addition. And if you’re only a beginner then you will be glad to know that the website is easy to run via the popular and EASY to use Wordpress content management system.

    Moreover, I can help the new owner if they have any questions regarding promoting the site and driving traffic.

    The Key Features of This Website

    • Very Lucrative Niche - Cooking
    • Domain has Page Rank 3!
    • 100 Articles about Cooking
    • Total 50,000+ Words of Content
    • High Quality Useful Content for Your Visitors!
    • Images on Every Post with SEO Optimization
    • Clean Premium WordPress niche-related theme!
    • Monetized with Google Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank

    Premium Brandable Domain Name

    It’s not a secret that Google now loves not just EMD domain names but big brands. Here’s your chance to own a property that has the proven time-tested POTENTIAL to become a big brand in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

    If you provide quality to your users Google will provide you with quality traffic. The first step of any successful website should be securing a high quality domain name. This is how you stand out and how your visitors will remember you. My website has exactly what you need - a very good domain name with branding potential!

    100 Pages of High Quality Useful Content

    Awesome articles written by a team of native US writers who focus on writing Cooking content. There are currently 100 posts of perfect quality content! Google loves unique posts so it's a great jump start for your new website.

    Each article is keyword optimized for better SEO and has a stunning topic related image with a caption!

    There are also 50 more posts that have yet to be posted. I have left these to the BIN buyer so if you make a BIN buy then you will have some extra high quality content to post!

    Premium WordPress Theme + Custom Logo

    DinnerPrep.com has a niche related Wordpress theme professionally designed for this website.

    Aesthetics are more important than ever – and not simply to impress the reader, but clean, professional code keeps sites loading and running optimally which is another search engine optimization strategy that should not be overlooked.

    I've also created a CUSTOM premium logo for this website so it's now looking very professional and like a popular brand!

    How You Can Make Money With This Site

    If the new site owner is looking to monetize the site then there are many ways to do it. I want to describe the most popular ones and tell you how much you can earn.

    Monetization Idea #1 - Post Selling

    The EASIEST way to monetize your new website would be to sell blog posts.

    With the current niche (Cooking) and high PR (3) you can EASILY sell blog posts of the site for between $10 and $40 EACH!

    What exactly does that mean? In this new age of SEO (i.e. you can’t just spam low quality forum backlinks and spun content) the value of a legitimate page rank backlink has gone through the roof, as has the price. Ranking is harder these days, people pay quite a bit for related guest post on high page rank sites.

    If you can sell just 4-7 blog post per month you can net at least $40 - $280 a month as soon as you take the site over (and if you’re unfamiliar with selling guest post, I can help you with that as well!).

    Monetization Idea #2 - AdSense

    Adsense is a Google's advertising network. You place an ad on your blog and get paid every time when user clicks on this ad.

    This website has 100 high quality articles so if the site only received 10,000 visits per month and your click-thru ratio is 3% the site would earn $100 a day!

    Monetization Idea #3 - Amazon
    Amazon is the biggest online store. You can get commissions from sales via product ads on your website.

    A high paying huge collection of products from Amazon can be displayed on this site. It's SIMPLE with the special plugin - I have a tutorial about how to setup automatic ad insertion.

    Monetization Idea #4 - ClickBank

    There are dozens of ClickBank offers you can promote on your new website and make great money!

    Go to the ClickBank.com and search for Cooking related offers via the Marketplace function - you will find products paying $30 to $50 per sale for affiliates.

    Monetization Idea #5 - CPA Offers

    You also can monetize the site by building up and driving traffic and promoting offers in the Cooking industry as well as using other ad networks like BuySellAds.com.

    There are thousands of CPA offers so the monetization would not be a problem.

    Monetization Idea #6 - CPM

    You can earn from the views that website receives, just google for some CPM networks, there are many of them.

    You need to drive some traffic first. With so many high quality and very USEFUL articles it will be easy to do and I also have some free ebooks about traffic - I will send them to you if you win.

    Monetization Idea #7 - Your Own Product

    Tired of the money hold and low commissions in affiliate networks? How about to sell your own product and keep 100% of profits?

    The best way to do it is sell ebooks. You can find some useful PLR ebooks available on PLR stores. I can even help you with that.

    This blog comes with Easy Digital Downloads plugin so you'll get payments directly to your PayPal account!

    Is This Website Newbie Friendly?

    OF COURSE! If you can use a word processor you can use WordPress. If you need help you can always email me with support questions, I’ll gladly shoot you an email and help!

    Even if this is your first website purchase I’ll help you throughout the process, help familiarize you with WordPress, answer any questions you may have and take care of transferring the site over. I’m always here to help.

    What Exactly You Will Get

    • Premium Brandable Domain with PR 3: DinnerPrep.com
    • Authority Cooking Niche Website with HIGH QUALITY Useful Content
    • Premium Niche Related WP Theme + CUSTOM Logo
    • Exclusive Rights to ALL content on the Website!
    • 50 Extra High Quality Articles (if you place a BIN bid)
    • My Step-by-Step Tutorials on How to Get Started
    • Free site transfer and WordPress setup
    • 30 days after sale support

    You will not be left hanging once the sale is over. I will be there every step of the way to help make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your website is up and running. Your satisfaction is of central importance to me!

    Website Transfer - It's Easier Than You Think

    The domain is on Godaddy.com and upon winning the domain will be pushed to your Godaddy account for FREE.

    Many sellers charge a fee for transferring the site to your host but I’m providing this service for FREE!

    I’ll gladly transfer the site over and set everything up for you on your hosting. All I need to know is your hosting details like cPanel URL, login and password.

    Future Potential & Growth

    The Cooking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. DinnerPrep.com is a great looking website in this niche that isn't going anywhere.

    It is an evergreen niche and not a "fad" that will be gone tomorrow. Instead of building a new website from the ground up you can jump right into the action with this great looking website and a seller who is dedicated to helping!

    So What Are You Waiting For?

    If you attempt to build your online presence by yourself, you may spend a lot of time and money before you earn your first dollar.

    So why don’t you let your success come fast and quick with this premium authority niche website about Cooking?

    With a powerful website like this, based on one of the most searched niche right now, everything becomes much easier.

    Just do some more SEO and/or get high quality targeted traffic (by the way, some useful techniques detailed in the ebooks you get for FREE as a bonus!) and make real money!

    Buy It Now and grab this lucrative niche website to start making money online NOW!

    Don’t miss this great opportunity in this evergreen niche!

    GRAB IT NOW before someone else snatches it!

    Only serious buyers please!

    Happy bidding!

    Buy From a Trusted Seller!

    I have 100% positive feedback here on DP and on Flippa too! Here are some words that my customers say about my excellent service on Flippa:

    • Very professional and will again buy from him.
    • Great seller, very easy to do business with!
    • The seller was extremely helpful, patient, and quickly delivered on all promises made.
    • The seller is trustworthy, and responds to any questions quickly and thouroughly.
    • Excellent seller, did a good job and recommended for future purchases
    • Smooth and great transition. Helped me a lot with lots of questions as i'm new. A++++

    Here's How You Can Contact Me Any Time

    Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions about this website!
    You can PM me here on DP - I'm here every single day!
    puregreen, Aug 19, 2014 IP
  2. healthytalk

    healthytalk Banned

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    How come its PR 3 and has no alexa?
    Is it fake PR?
    healthytalk, Aug 20, 2014 IP
  3. puregreen

    puregreen Active Member

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    100% - 5
    I bought the expired domain with established PR on it so it's not fake. Thank you.
    puregreen, Aug 20, 2014 IP
  4. YoungGuns

    YoungGuns Active Member

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    Maybe you should mention that the content is not unique.
    YoungGuns, Aug 21, 2014 IP
  5. puregreen

    puregreen Active Member

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    100% - 5
    If you look at the page more carefully you will notice "Content Unique To Site: No" label.
    puregreen, Aug 21, 2014 IP
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