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Selling Posting Special

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by zillionthllc, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Zillionth Networking LLC Monthly Posting Give Away

    The time of month has come again for our company to give away basically hundreds of forum posts free! If you haven't participated in our Posting Give Away please take the time to read our rules/guidelines closely.

    The Zillionth Networking LLC. Posting Give Away runs from the 1st of every month to the 15th of every month.

    After the 15th we will not accept any more orders. The reason is simply due to the volume of orders we receive as well as the price of the service.

    You can order as many times between the 1st and 15th as you'd like.

    Time difference does not matter we go by Central Time.

    Since these prices are incredibly low all payments must be up front!

    Forum Posting is used a lot by webmasters and newbs to the business. All of our posts are 30 word minimums and split between replies and new threads. We spell check every post before we submit and will always be on topic.


    100 posts $10

    250 posts $15

    375 posts $20

    500 posts $25

    750 posts $35

    1000 posts $40

    1500 posts $45

    1750 posts $50

    2000 posts $55

    2500 posts $60

    3750 posts $75

    4000 posts $90

    5000 posts $150

    10,000 posts $275

    For anything greater or in between contact me.

    The reason Zillionth Networking offers prices this low saving you hundreds is because of our pay method. Everyone at Zillionth Networking LLC. Gets a weekly pay check for the amount of hours they put in not the amount of work completed. Every order gets put into our bank account and payroll digs in and pays each employee their designated rate. As long as money is coming in we can pay our team.

    Time Frames vary:

    Post Amount
    Time Frame

    2 Days

    2.5 Days

    3 Days

    4 Days

    4.5 Days

    1 Week

    1.5 Weeks

    2 Weeks

    2.5-3 Weeks

    3 Weeks

    4 Weeks

    1 Month

    1.5 Months

    3 Months

    We can do different time frames upon request. There may be additional charges.

    Please contact me at
    zillionthllc, Dec 1, 2010 IP
  2. miche2002

    miche2002 Peon

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    I'm interested and want to make sure to get in before the cut-off today.

    Please PM me for details on the forum. Thanks.
    miche2002, Dec 15, 2010 IP
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