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Buying Posting Links & Starting Topics Discussions/Comments (Like Forum Posts) Monthly Long Term

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by hitboy, Dec 19, 2015.

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    I am starting a new site related to venture news like venturebeat.com (I am however opening multiple projects like this in the next 6 months in different topics like marketing, health industry, etc). The difference is my site is not a blog or news site directly, but instead, you can think of it the hackernews of venture related topics.
    All content created for topics and comments must be in English and must be written well. If you are not sure if you write well enough this job is probably not for you. I am looking for people to do this long term for at least a few months.

    If you are interested in this job message me or leave samples of your writing. Below are the rates and limits of how many of each job you can do per day. The limits are per account so if I believe your work is quality I am open to the idea of you having for example 5 accounts and doing the below for all 5 accounts everyday.

    If your English is poor this job is not for you
    People that aren't timely and aren't consistent

    IMPORTANT: I want you to focus on one topic/category. Business, Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Media, Mobile, SMB, Marketing, Cloud, Social, Development, Security, Big Data are the current categories. Also make sure the same link hasn't been posted already.

    $0.10 Post a related link to the right category from a credible source. (Limit 5 per day) (Must copy the first half of the link you are linking when posting it and image if there is one on the site it originated from.)

    $0.25 Post a new topic discussion related to the category/industry (Limit 5 per day, must be 3-5 full sentences very descriptive questions or conversation topics.)

    $0.10 Per comment you leave (No limit but only one comment will be counted per topic. Comments must actually be related to the content a useful conversation DO NOT POST COMMENTS LIKE "HI NICE POST". Full complete sentences must be used.
    hitboy, Dec 19, 2015 IP