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positioning text on a background-image (map)

Discussion in 'CSS' started by Dark Raven, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I created a map and wanted to 'pin' cities to it (it's set as the class to my text container). I have the background image set to contain, center, for large, and cover for medium screens, disabled at small.

    The problem I am having right now is that while I am able to position the 'background images' just fine, I can't figure out how to get the cities TEXT to 'pin' to the map without the text moving when the page resizes. I've used media queries to position the text in different places at small, medium and large screens, but there are still sizes inbetween there the text just isn't pinning correctly to the map.

    Is there a way to pin/attach the text to the background-image so that when the page resizes the text moves with it equally?
    Dark Raven, Sep 27, 2016 IP
  2. qwikad.com

    qwikad.com Illustrious Member Affiliate Manager

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    Isn't it something that their API already providing? Something similar to:


    On-click you get a tooltip with a description. Can you post a screenshot of how exactly you want it to look?

    qwikad.com, Sep 28, 2016 IP
  3. kk5st

    kk5st Prominent Member

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    kk5st, Sep 28, 2016 IP