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Pointing domains to URL

Discussion in 'Apache' started by chrids, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Hi community, I have don't have idea how can get it work this:

    -Part 1-
    I have a website with a doman point it (as usual) when you go to domain1.com this show you /

    I need point a second domain to /domains/domain2/ using alias (the url show domain2.com but if I go to domain1.com/domains/domain2/ this render the same content)

    -Part 2-
    Now I need point any other domains request this server or this ip to /domains/unknowndomain/ then if you go to domain3.com or domainX.com show this domain in the url bar but render domain1.com/domains/unknowndomain/

    domain1.com render /

    domain2.com render /domains/domain2

    domain3.com render /domains/unknowndomain/
    domain4.com render /domains/unknowndomain/
    domainX.com render /domains/unknowndomain/

    You can help me with that?
    PS: Sorry I don't really speak english, then my speach can contain syntax errors jeje...
    chrids, Aug 6, 2013 IP
  2. linux7802

    linux7802 Active Member

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    First confirm the document root path for the domain domain1.com because for example if your main domain name is domain.com and its document root path is /home/user/public_html therefore when ever you create any new domain name make sure that you are creating the document root for your additional domain domain1.com outside the /home/user/public_html directory else the url domain.com/domain1-document-path will show the same content hosted under the domain domain1.com and so on, please check the following summary for calrification


    Main domain :: Domain.com
    Document Root Path :: /home/user/public_html

    Addon Domain :: Domain1.com
    Document Root Path :: /home/user/domain1.com

    Addon Domain :: Domain2.com
    Document Root Path :: /home/user/domain2.com

    If you use above settings then domain.com/domain/domain1.con won't show you content hosted under the domain1.com
    linux7802, Aug 9, 2013 IP
  3. stilv

    stilv Active Member

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    can always use php redirect, make a php file rename to index.php or whatever you like and add


    header( 'Location: http://droidtweak.com' ) ;


    // replace "http://droidtweak.com" to your own domain
    stilv, Aug 11, 2013 IP