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Plz review my recent updated websites

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by jimroddy, Jul 25, 2021.

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    jimroddy, Jul 25, 2021 IP
  2. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Prominent Member

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    Only looked at the first one.

    Seems to be clean and reasonably fast. However, there is no way to see the demo as it is hidden behind some sort of unusable login. Neither is there a way to find out pricing because it seems also to be hidden behind an unusable login. You need to fix the logins so they are usable. Better yet, don't hide needed information behind a login. When I am required to create an account just to evaluate a product, I leave.

    Under the hood it looks like you are using bootcrap. You have 14 js and 9 css files slowing down the site when you do not need more than one of each for such a simple site. Not even sure that you need any js files for that matter. Looks like you also have an unneeded jQueery call meaning that you are loading 384K of jQueery to do what can be done in a FEW bytes of javascript.

    You have multiple H1 tags on your page when there should NEVER be more than ONE. You also have H2 & H3 tags, but NONE of them are nested properly which will cause many user agents (like indexing bots) to get confused. You do not want indexing bots to be confused because it may cause them to NOT index your site.

    Finally, you need to hire a native English speaker to proofread your content.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2021
    mmerlinn, Jul 26, 2021 IP
  3. jimroddy

    jimroddy Well-Known Member

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    thanks ..ill keep this in mind
    jimroddy, Jul 27, 2021 IP
  4. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I'll need to look past the distastefulness of MLM...
    Lets start with the copy, get someone on fiverr who has English as a first language to fix up the small but troubling errors such as:
    Tidy up your testimonials so they don't look like something you wrote when you were drunk.

    I'd recommend you make the pricing and demo available to people visiting your site, having to fill in a form is incredibly off putting.
    Ugh, this one is just as bad, dreadful english, even the FAQ is locked down behind a contact form, and more MLM garbage.
    same as above, and even with the same customer list, fancy that!
    sarahk, Jul 28, 2021 IP