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Plugins For Keyword Suggestion (Firefox)

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Adityaa Dayal, Apr 29, 2020.

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    I know there are numerous keyword analyzer tools and websites are available at disposal. Even, such a marketplace has been getting saturated.
    I'm working on my blog to post self-help advice and productivity techniques. Of course, I can use Google Keyword Planner as a default. Yet, it wasn't that easy to navigate back and forth from the WordPress panel...

    So, let me have a plugin that allows me to lookup suggestions without moving off Wordpress panel. Also, I would want to lookup for stats of search volumes and keyword difficulty for every keyword being generated...
    Adityaa Dayal, Apr 29, 2020 IP
  2. LewisH95

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    If you’re going to do SEO, you need to know some of the basics of web development as well. Because of this, I thought it might be helpful to list a few plugins that you can use mainly for web development, but also have a crossover into SEO.


    I have loved this plugin ever since I first found it. As an SEO, I find that I am constantly helping to fix web development problems as part of the job. This tool will let you go through a site and find the different elements so you can see where the problems are in the HTML or CSS of the page. You can also make changes to a live site to see what would happen if you tweaked certain things.

    HTML ValidatorHTML Validator

    By having your HTML valid, your site is more likely to look the same in the different browsers. This tool will show you where the problems are in your code that could be causing inconsistencies from browser to browser. It also gives you suggestions on how to fix them.

    Web developer

    This tool has similar functionality to some of the other tools above and is very handy. I use it frequently to turn off JavaScript so I can see how a site is handling its main navigation. Most web developers that I know of use this plugin.
    LewisH95, May 4, 2020 IP