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please review our website MonoVM.com

Discussion in 'Websites' started by monovm, Sep 19, 2016.

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    We are vps hosting and dedicated server provider.
    We will be glad to get your review about our website Https://monovm.com
    monovm, Sep 19, 2016 IP
  2. wordplucker

    wordplucker Well-Known Member

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    Headers are great and all, but, look at places like hostgator, and others.
    That header, while pretty, is taking a lot of valuable real estate and not displaying a lot of information.
    Either drop the canned theme or get some info in to that header to draw your future customers in.

    You need to feed the information to your visitors as soon as possible.

    The domain is also something. In the US a lot of people see mono as a bad thing, being a sickness and all. I get that it may stand for single virtual machine, but others may not.

    Hosting is also a hard market to break in to, good luck with it.
    wordplucker, Sep 19, 2016 IP
  3. arnold2001

    arnold2001 Active Member

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    I would not purchase hosting from Lithuania and what about the indemnification agreement which says that if you purchase the service from this host that you become responsible for everything ever done wrong by mono. And yeah, mono is a disease, which gives a bad vibe.
    arnold2001, Mar 21, 2018 IP
  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    light grey menu text, dark cyan on dark grey, dark grey on light grey, light blue on white, white on orange, white on bright red, and several other colour combinations are FAR below accessibility minimums resulting in their legibility being dubious at best. The fixed header wastes space that once scrolled would be better used to show CONTENT (WHY do people do this?!?), your massive space-wasting animated banner slideshow crap pushes actual content below the fold, the ATTEMPT at being responsive is broken, and attempts at keyboard navigation are utterly banjaxed.

    Popping the bonnet the markup is garbage. Static scripting in the markup, static style in the markup, little if anything remotely resembling semantics, no proper use of headings to provide alternative navigation, endless pointless DIV with endless pointless classes thanks to that lack of leveraging semantics... no surprise then it wastes 72k of markup on delivering 3.3k of plaintext and not even a dozen content images, around 6k of HTML's job!

    If you brought that to me as a client, I'd tell you to pitch it in the trash and start over.

    3 out of 10. Learn HTML.
    deathshadow, Mar 22, 2018 IP
  5. zafar ali

    zafar ali Member

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    The monovm awesome services provider But I don't like The domain Of your Because of that Too complicated to Read.
    zafar ali, Mar 25, 2018 IP