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Please review my URL shortening site

Discussion in 'Websites' started by designer3:16, Oct 31, 2021.

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    I have newly launched a URL shortener site quicky.link please provide feedback. I'd appreciate if you can register and see what's inside there is a free plan if you want to use the service.

    designer3:16, Oct 31, 2021 IP
  2. UpgradeIT.ro

    UpgradeIT.ro Peon

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    A very interesting shortening links website, congratulations for the project, a single indication on the design side of the site, a higher quality image in the background of the header, to try to make a higher quality logo and a more visible favicon, in the rest on the code side seems to have worked very well, congratulations and continued success.
    UpgradeIT.ro, Nov 25, 2021 IP
  3. Andrii Ozemko

    Andrii Ozemko Member

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    Hello. I found some points:
    1. There is no redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
    2. There is no robots.txt
    3. Too many JavaScript files on the page (13 files). It should be less than 10, in ideal case only 1.
    The website looks good to me. I wish you to get success.
    Andrii Ozemko, Nov 28, 2021 IP