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Please Review My Travel Related Website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by ijoome, Nov 28, 2022.

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    Still, I am a learner, I have developed this website using Codeigniter 4 framework as the backend and bootstrap as the front. This website is travel related website or blog. I have done all the optimization stuff as far as I know. Please check out this website and review it in terms of Onpage SEO, and UX.
    ijoome, Nov 28, 2022 IP
  2. Gamerseo

    Gamerseo Member

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    Not all tours are described. In general, I see a lot of basic SEO mistakes. I recommend learning the basics of SEO.
    Gamerseo, Nov 28, 2022 IP
  3. sbsl

    sbsl Well-Known Member

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    You have made a website now optimize it. The website is fine. Create some backlinks for it. You have 7 Organic Keywords and you are only getting 1 click from Organic results. Backlinks are required now.
    sbsl, Nov 20, 2023 IP
  4. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I'm currently researching a trip (that I've already started) - trying to sort plans a week ahead to ensure we get to the best places on our general route. So many travel websites just sell tours without telling me the merits of each destination. Your site starts with why to visit and that's brilliant. It seems straightforward but the other big travel sites are so focused on monetisation they forget what the user wants.

    From a quick look at the other content on https://travoal.com/articles/categories/solo-travel, I thought there would be tips for solo travellers in Nepal, like safe places to go if you're being hassled or are scared, specific language for "leave me alone" or "go away", and how to identify safe opportunities to mix with locals.

    https://travoal.com/articles/categories/family-travel is still empty but years ago when my kids were little we went to Malaysia and I found an awesome blog post about traveling with kids in KL that included the best playgrounds. I'd also mark museums with a family-friending rating. Some museums are hands-on and interactive, others are more traditional and "boring" for little kids.
    sarahk, Nov 21, 2023 IP