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Please review my travel forum

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by holkapolka, Dec 30, 2016.

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    Simple and colours already matched greece. http://www.greecetravelforum.com/ How Im gonna get visits to my site and members I dont know, as well, need to put another adsense code above the forum categories to be there in all pageloads.. I also need to change the logo for the browser on top, ha a "d" picture to it. Oh and I need to edit the title and descriptionand keywords, couldnt find them.. Any help with that would be great.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2016
    holkapolka, Dec 30, 2016 IP
  2. anshul555

    anshul555 Active Member

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    The forum is looking good in colors and look.

    Tough work is how you will be getting traffic to it and engaging many visitors at a time on it.

    Brain working should start as it's not easy.

    As I suggest make use of social profiles you like using and have good amount of followers on it like for example facebook and promote it.
    Instead of promoting forum makes some interesting topics on a forum like reviews or Polls anything else and promote that on Social site and let come traffic to the forum.
    You can plan any giveaways on a forum to bring visitors.
    Find some active partners or moderators that can spend time on both forum and promotion of it.
    As for single person its quite difficult.
    anshul555, Dec 30, 2016 IP
  3. holkapolka

    holkapolka Well-Known Member

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    Hi ye i had experience with another forum i made for mental health, imanaged to bring in members but this travel forum might be more difficult so i consider selling the site.
    holkapolka, Dec 31, 2016 IP
  4. qwikad.com

    qwikad.com Illustrious Member Affiliate Manager

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    There are so many things working against you.

    - The domain name has "forum" in it, so the only thing it can be used for is a forum (most likely).
    - How are you going to sell it if it has no traffic or members?
    - Currently, it's underdeveloped. You need at least 20 more categories to make it look full / worthwhile.
    - Forums are dying out. Even the forums that were "it" at one point are going down in traffic and membership.

    The only reasonable thing you can do is to stick with it, develop it further and maybe get a small income from AdSense. All in all it will be a tough road for you with your travel forum.

    qwikad.com, Dec 31, 2016 IP
  5. thedark

    thedark Well-Known Member

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    I don't like to but I have to agree with you. Forums lose traffic to facebook/reddit/twitter/pinterest. In my opinion forums are great but most people prefer other ways to communicate.

    It would have been better if it hadn't "forum" in the title.

    To give it a try, you should hire 2-3 freelancer to create 3-4 accounts and add some content to look like there is a real site.

    Your website is basic, you just installed the script and added some topics. You should brand it to look catchy.

    How are you gonna to promote it ?
    thedark, Jan 8, 2017 IP