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Please review my journal

Discussion in 'Websites' started by Ibezim chukwuemerie, Jul 5, 2019.

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    Hello guys please i need your criticisms and advice on the website https:humanbioscience.org
    Your advice will be highly appreciated
    Thank you very much
    Ibezim chukwuemerie, Jul 5, 2019 IP
  2. Agent000

    Agent000 Prominent Member

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    Bitdefender blocks your site as a possible phishing site. You need to fix that first.
    When I clicked on the content, I got a 503 error - you got bigger problems.
    Agent000, Jul 5, 2019 IP
  3. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Yeah, Kaspersky says no. When I ran it from a sandboxed Debian VM, I got a 500 error on first attempt.

    When it did finally load, the use of illegible white text over images, illegible blue on white, willy nilly mixing of px with em/rem, all sorts of distracting garbage animations, and a general lack of anything I would consider to be content of value. Alternative navigation is utterly banjaxed likely indicating poor coding practices and a lack of semantics under the hood, and it was PAINFUL to watch load since it seems to be built from 103 separate files which is easily TWICE what should have been used.

    Overall you're presenting too confusing/inconsistent a layout and organization of your content, and may in fact be overloading users to the point they'll bounce out of frustration. The animated nonsense certainly isn't helping in that regard, but the sheer number of links mated to the inaccessible to illegible use of images over text is the fast road to driving people AWAY from your content!

    Of course popping the bonnet, it's turdpress. No wonder it's a steaming pile; a laundry list of how NOT to build anything more complex than a blog for grandma. Not even going to go into all the endless cock-ups that it is under the hood from an efficiency, usability, or accessibility standpoint since I'd be here all day. Just the usual train wreck of static scripting in the markup, blocking scripts in the head, static style in the markup, endless pointless DIV for nothing, endless pointless classes for nothing, and little if anything remotely resembling semantics.

    Between the coding mess and the blatant accessibility violations, I'd suggest taking the whole mess 'round back o' the woodshed with a .30-06 and putting it down like Old Yeller. There is nothing I would even TRY to salvage from it apart from perhaps the content. Whilst content is king, cutting yourself off at the knees by making it hard to get at is not a great plan.
    deathshadow, Jul 17, 2019 IP
  4. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Notable Member

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    It took 70 (SEVENTY) SECONDS (ONE MINUTE AND TEN SECONDS) for your page to load on this HIGH SPEED connection. If I were not TIMING it, I would have jumped overboard LONG BEFORE the page loaded. Bottom line is that you will LOSE nigh unto 100% of your potential visitors if they only need to wait TEN SECONDS. At 70 seconds, you will NEVER have any REAL visitors.

    Once the page was loaded I see a garbled UNUSABLE mess. Some of your topics look worth investigating, BUT no one will ever see them much less click on the links.
    mmerlinn, Jul 17, 2019 IP
  5. luckyd4r

    luckyd4r Peon

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    Please rethink the layout and design of your site. It has some interesting and eye-catching content, but altogether there's just too much chaos. Also, either choose a different color for headlines of the smaller articles on the right or do something about the pictures or color gradient - trying to read white text on colorful and detailed pictures can make a head hurt.
    luckyd4r, Jul 19, 2019 IP
  6. Wajdan

    Wajdan Well-Known Member

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    My first impression about the website is it has content not organized properly. I would recommend you to change this wordpress theme and install something minimalist.
    Wajdan, Jul 21, 2019 IP