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Please review my fishing boats for sale site...

Discussion in 'Websites' started by Makubwa, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Hi there, I asked for a review a few months ago, however I have made some changes.

    my main query is I get about 30 uniques a day with over 100 page views, however nobody is registereing as a new member of posting boats for sale - and it is all free -any suggestions would be great - thanks!
    Makubwa, Aug 26, 2007 IP
  2. DeViAnThans3

    DeViAnThans3 Peon

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    Hey Makubwa,

    First of all I'ld like to say that not that many actually have a fishing boat for sale ;) That might be a main reason why nobody posts one for sale.

    Your design is quite ok - even though the header image seems to be of low quality - only I'ld recommend to use a little bigger font for the content.
    Also, use custom images!! You're just having a windows xp style left tree ... really, that doesn't looks 'original'. Use kind of boat or water inspired images!
    In your content section, I really recommend you to have a web 2.0 button saying something like "Selling a boat? Post it for free here!".

    See this image. For the menu, make sure there is some more spacing between the actual menu items and the border. Now, the menu items seem to stick to the header image...

    Next ... it is very important to do some SEO; especially for sites like yours. People have to be able to find you on the internet. If people look at google for "Fishing boats for sale", they should be abled to find your site.
    First consider mod_rewrite SEO (google for it). That should rewrite things to this: example: pages.php?page=8 becomes rewritten to boat-insurance.html.
    You will generate higher rankings in search engines.

    Your keywords:
    <meta name="Keywords" content="fishing,fishing boats,fishing listings" />
    Code (markup):
    Can't you find any more? "Buy, Sell, Sale, Marketplace" .. no idea ? The more RELEVANT keywords, the better. :)

    This is just my view on this, of course!
    Keep it up! I wish you luck with your website :)
    DeViAnThans3, Aug 26, 2007 IP
    Makubwa likes this.
  3. Makubwa

    Makubwa Active Member

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    Brilliant advice, I am looking into some of your proposals now....
    Makubwa, Aug 26, 2007 IP