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please... i need help....

Discussion in 'C#' started by Alidad, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Hi, I currently have shopping site in my first hosting server, and I copied that shopping site files and pasted over second hosting server the codes never change execpt the database server name.

    When I run home page, and i click the item images i got errors said Microsoft

    VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

    Type mismatch: 'productarr'

    /shopping/product_detail.asp, line 17
    the things is that i only copied that files and put into the second server and did not change any code except database server name.

    please see half codes of home and see the line 17 where i put bold and underline.

    <!--#include file="db.asp"  -->
    	if request("pid")="" then
    		Response.redirect "index.asp"
    	end if
    	if isNull(session("productarr"))  then
    		redim  productarr(2)
    		productarr(0) = 0
     		productarr(1) = 0
    		'productarr(2) = 0
    		'productarr(3) = 0
    		productarr(0) = Cint(request("pid"))
    		session("productarr")= productarr
    		productarr= session("productarr")
    		[B][U]redim preserve productarr(2)[/U][/B]
    		for i=1 to 1 step -1
    		    productarr(i) = productarr(i-1) 
    		productarr(0) = request("pid")
    		session("productarr")  = productarr
    	end if
    Code (markup):
    Does any one can help me what went wrong!

    Alidad, Aug 22, 2008 IP
  2. SearchBliss

    SearchBliss Well-Known Member

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    In most cases "Type mismatch" is just that...a spelling or "typing" mistake in line 14 with "productarr", yet here it is not the case. Ddid you try changing the "database server name" back to the original name, then test it.
    SearchBliss, Aug 26, 2008 IP