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Please give your feedback on my article

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by bestwriter, Aug 8, 2014.

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    bestwriter, Aug 8, 2014 IP
  2. r2r

    r2r Banned

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    Honestly the article seem to be written purely for ranking purpose / seo optimized, and doesn't read natural and eye catching. Always write content that you would love to read, not content that google will read. If humans like it, they will share it, if they share it, you will get massive exposure
    r2r, Aug 11, 2014 IP
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  3. TextServices

    TextServices Active Member

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    The article is poorly written. There are many grammatical errors and it is difficult to read and comprehend.

    Who is your target audience? People who are just learning how Bitcoins work and how to make money buying and selling them?
    TextServices, Aug 11, 2014 IP
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  4. SCookAAM

    SCookAAM Active Member

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    It just goes to show, and I've been saying it seemingly forever...

    If your content, copy, eBook, blog, newsletter, blah blah blah does not focus on satisfying the human who reads, hears or watches it... you're wasting your time.

    Think of it like this: Would you spend thousands of dollars in advertising to send people to an empty warehouse all the while shinking they're going to see a concert?
    SCookAAM, Aug 11, 2014 IP
  5. JessUBotNinja

    JessUBotNinja Greenhorn

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    Honestly, I like to help and give feedback, but I could not even get through the first paragraph. Beyond the grammatical and punctuation errors, it just does not read well. I found myself having to go back and reread sentences, more than once, simply to be sure I was getting the intended meaning. Put some more work in and then for help, again.
    JessUBotNinja, Aug 13, 2014 IP
  6. WLEadmin

    WLEadmin Active Member

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    Quality rating 1 out of 5: good idea, but little of use. You might as well have just posted the links, as the "content" doesn't help. It's not a how-to, it's not a review, it doesn't explain anything about what Bitcoin is, how it has evolved, what it can be used for, etc. It doesn't even mention the word "faucet", which is pretty much a basic essential for earning free bitcoins.

    Wouldn't buy it, clients wouldn't buy it, engines won't care about it. As someone said above, write for an audience, not just to slap your links on the page and hope to earn from referrals.

    Suggestion: you'd be well served by reading some basic "affiliate marketing" content to see how these things work.

    And by the way, that theme is horrible: it's used by SO many new marketers and I really don't know why. It's ugly, messy and doesn't promote your content as the main focus of the page.

    Hope it helps!
    WLEadmin, Aug 30, 2014 IP
  7. pretty10

    pretty10 Member

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    Hi bestwriter!

    Although there are some mistakes in your article, I like your idea! It looks like you're promoting your affiliate sites. :)

    Anyway, I've a few suggestions for you.

    Make it more interesting to your readers. Explain more about bit coins and those websites. This will help your readers get more information.
    Fix your whole content and make sure it is free of errors. You can seek the help of a proofreader if you want.
    pretty10, Aug 30, 2014 IP
  8. coreygeer

    coreygeer Notable Member

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    The Design/Site
    • The design of the site isn't responsive and couldn't be a more bland choice.
    • The URL to your logo is broken
    • Theme you're using is called Atahualpa and the developer doesn't seem to like answering support tickets for issues (you're far better off hiring someone to build a custom theme for you or to at least use a place such as Themeforest for your themes)
    • Please get rid of the "share" floating button because you have a share option under every single piece of content

    The Article
    • The article is mostly fluff and general BS
    • There's a lot of poor grammar choices in the article. This is the entire first section of your article:

    You might be working hard to earn money and you must have understood that earning money is not so easier. If this is your opinion then I should say you are little wrong. Start earning in bitcoins on the sites I tell you here and you will see that how easy it is to earn money. Earning money in bitcoins is not only earning money but is also a type of investment because the value of bitcoins is growing. Its value was less than a USD when it started but now it is more than 580 USD at the time of writing this article.

    You will need to have a wallet address where your bitcoins can be send to you so get a wallet address on coinbase.com. It is totally free to get your own wallet address.

    Let’s visit the sites where you can earn money in Bitcoins.

    • It doesn't really explain what Bitcoins are, despite being targeted towards a newbie audience regarding the subject
    • You don't really go into detail about what any of the sites are or why people would want to use them over the thousands of other sites devoted to Bitcoin mining/earning
    • The way you describe the sites make them seem like scams (there is no way to multiply your wallet just by clicking a button)
    • This reads more like a blurb or an excerpt rather than a full article
    • Google's probably going to nail you keyword stuffing if you write every single article like this or if this is how the majority of your blog is laid out

    You desperately need to either hire someone to do your writing for you or do proper research. This is another article from the site I just read which discusses 5 affiliate programs:

    It looks like you're just trying to spam affiliate links in every 100-200 word article.

    Also, what source did you get the "Advertise Here" information from?

    Bloggers Joy is a search engine friendly site that secures good rank. You should know the strength of Bloggers Joy so that your decision becomes easier.
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    I must be reading the wrong thing. I honestly didn't even see where you would have room to put your advertisements, my screen is cluttered with random stuff everywhere on that site.
    coreygeer, Aug 31, 2014 IP