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Plastic Pipe and Fittings

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by aydanboru, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:09 PM.

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    HDPE Piping was started to use in 1950 especially focused on the sensitivity of chemical effects on the transport of drinking water and there have been several tests. And growth of microorganisms in the HDPE Pipes according to the results of these tests, it does not impair the taste of water and structure, to enter into any chemical reaction with water, does not lead to any deterioration in the appearance of drinking water and symptoms such as leakage of microorganisms into the outside of the piping was not obtained. These tests of HDPE Pipes, especially after touching any harm to human health in the plastics industry has been available to mankind was to standardize. HDPE Pipes, particularly for the conveyance of drinking water the use of steel and concrete asbestos pipe was terminated for the benefit of humanity.
    Kuzeyboru HDPE Pipes healthy longevity and economically produced many manufacturers and organizations engaged in the world of health check as the sole authority in our country taking part in the joint operation institutions attached to the Ministry of Health has received Food Hygiene certificate.

    HDPE 100 Pipes to be used in drinking water is as blue stripes on black or blue color is produced exclusively. However, especially in the external storage medium, outdoor solar influence in the region and will be implemented in practice because it is long-lasting and activities UV stabilized black pipe production is more popular. Because blue pipes are shortening their lives if prolonged exposure to sunlight. In addition to convert natural or black with a lighter color of HDPE raw materials produced in the color blue is a more costly an engaged.
    Kuzeyboru HDPE Pipe minimum 50-year life cycle is produced by foreseeing. This lifetime is determined by detecting the actual and experimental test results. However, under normal operating conditions with lives of HDPE Pipes pipe is expected to be much higher than the 50-year life for a while.
    HDPE Pipes is necessary to determine a regression curve to determine the service life of the pipe. This is in order to determine the regression curve 20 0C and 60 0C and 80 0C 's pressure tests are performed. This occurred after a series of the regression analysis testing gives us information about the lives of HDPE Pipes. Under a pressure of 10Mpa ready status of PE100 pipe has a minimum life of 50 years. Covering a

    20 mm - 800 mm and in pressure classes Pn4-Pn32, we produce HDPE Pipes with the desired diameter pressure and sizes.Where we provide all kinds of information on our website about the PE pipe.Size and Weight of HDPE Pipes,in tabs. For all the technical details in the menu on the left you may have information about the product you are looking for by filtering you want. We provide all information where our website relating to HDPE 100 Pipes by Kuzeyboru.

    period of approximately 14 months so a 10,000 hour life test is a test method prescribed for HDPE Pipe for pressure testing. All these tests 2006: ISO 1167-1 / 2 and ISO 9080: 2003 regression testing is performed according to conditions.
    aydanboru, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:09 PM IP
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    Taken from www.kuzeyboru.com.tr
    aydanboru, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:12 PM IP