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Placement Targeting - 1 Adgroup for each URL?

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by muchacho79, Jun 1, 2008.

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    I'm just having a go at Placement Targeting and was thinking, would it be best to have a unique Ad Group for each URL?

    I'm thinking different ads will work better on different sites, so if I have an adgroup for each URL (2 ads in each adgroup) that I choose to be listed on, I can write better targeted Ads.

    Your thoughts?
    muchacho79, Jun 1, 2008 IP
  2. duncan pollock

    duncan pollock Peon

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    There isn't much doubt about it, at least to my mind.
    In any case, you can have only one landing page with an ad, so you can't hope to have somone go to a different one.
    The one reservation, though, is that you'd better make sure you don't run the risk of a duplicate penalty. I don't perceive that Google will apply this rule to AdWord campaigns, but you need to have a landing page for each URL that stands entirely on its own and fully relevant to its Adword text.

    duncan pollock, Jun 2, 2008 IP
  3. Zaharey

    Zaharey Member

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    A great thing about AdWords its can create various ad groups for each campaign, and each ad group can contain various ads with a different keyword list. It’ll let you test your ads to find out which one gets the best Click Through Ratio (CTR) and the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC).:D
    Zaharey, Jun 3, 2008 IP