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Pinterest For Affiliate Marketers

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by Ories, Apr 9, 2016.

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    I am a writing a thesis on Pinterest and affiliate marketing as a part of my business administration studies of which conducting a research is a part of. I have created a short survey of less than 30 multiple choice questions.

    Filling the survey takes only about 5 minutes. You can answer the survey even if you do not use Pinterest, the survey will just be slightly shorter in that case.

    You can participate to the survey here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/Answer/SurveyParticipation.aspx?SDID=Fin1094730&SID=8d8d1bca-95cb-4dd9-b849-07cc8b988c57&dy=1420228009

    I would again like to remind this is a school project. I do not gain financial benefit from this.

    All answers are anonymous. I will share the results as a thank you with everyone who leaves their email address at the end of the survey (NOT required).

    If you have questions, ask them below. Thank you in advance!
    Ories, Apr 9, 2016 IP
  2. TomRider

    TomRider Greenhorn

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    Here are some tips on how to use this social platform for affiliate marketers:
    - create a product that incentivizes signup (building a strong email list is imperative for every affiliate marketer. Your goal is to present yourself and your product in a thoughtful and professional manner that stands out among something beautiful);
    - focus on original content (take photos or create infographics. Any timeyou have relatively bland information to deliver, find a way to spice it up with bold original content. Since Pinterest is a predominantly visual platform, eye-catching content is absolutely key);
    - follow the trends (it would be advisable to use current events that interest demographic that use Pinterest);
    - combine tactics (consider incorporating trending topics into your contests, include a beautiful peace of original rich content to make the contest eye catching);
    - Pinterest and affiliate link (place a link to a landing page on your site , which is the safest form of link allowed by Pinterest).
    TomRider, Jun 6, 2016 IP
  3. David G. Welch

    David G. Welch Member

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    I will answer the survey, let us know your discoveries
    David G. Welch, Jul 8, 2016 IP
  4. PaulHThomas

    PaulHThomas Greenhorn

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    Pinterest is good for having fun and boosting the creativity but on the other hand it is very beneficial for the marketing purpose. Even for the small businessman Pinterest is a boon, they can easily market their products by using the following tips:
    Make use of keywords in title.
    Use descriptions for making people aware about your products.
    Use images for enhancing your real estate.
    Embed pins in the blog.
    PaulHThomas, Nov 4, 2016 IP