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phpBB3 Server Overload...Help!

Discussion in 'phpBB' started by richauv, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help with my problem! I run a small forum about classical piano with phpBB3 and all was going well, no spam and active discussion among the 20 members. My forum was shut down recently by my web host and I received this response:

    Please see most common queries for user richauv_richauv:
    1.Time: 92% (19568 sec)
    Amount: 83% (1080 queries)
    Rows Examined/Sent: 4.37959e+09 / 0
    Avg. Query Exec/Lock Time: 18 / 0 sec.
    Used databases: [richauv_pianotechniqueforum]
    Query example: use richauv_pianotechniqueforum; SELECT m.word_id FROM phpbb_search_wordmatch m, phpbb_search_wordlist w WHERE w.word_text IN ('100', '1954', '2fear', '3gpp', '403', '60s', '6packbabe', '9080', 'action', 'active', 'activities', 'address', 'adopting', 'adult', 'adulte', 'adulto', 'advance', 'advertising', 'aerobics', 'aficionado', 'africa', 'african', 'agency', 'air', 'airdrie', 'alexis', 'alley', 'alphacool', 'alta', 'altavista', 'altura', 'aluminum', 'amanda', 'amateur', 'amateurs', 'amber', 'american', 'amerikanischer', 'amor', 'amore', 'amoreena', 'amp', 'amsterdam', 'amy', 'anais', 'anal', 'analisis', 'analog', 'analysis', 'anal ... [too long]

    You should fix these queries and agree to optimize/normalize your database.

    I have phpMyAdmin on the webserver using mySQL. Thanks so much for any help! I am new to this and was enjoying my forum...disheartening to see how quickly spam caught up to me.
    richauv, Aug 17, 2008 IP