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phpbb3 forum - 2 questions

Discussion in 'phpBB' started by smellyfinger, Nov 16, 2009.

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    I got a couple of quests reg phpbb3 forum.

    a) I have taken back up of my forum and its on my comp in .zip file. Is there any way I can upload this back up in another phpbb3 forum (any other phpbb3 forum website than the original forum site to which its belongs)
    b) The above forum was inactive for about an year and i suddenly got reminded of it today. It was on a free hosting, and i have even forgotton the host name! Funny thing is that the forum is completely ad free and i can not find a single link of the hosting company there :D I checked my admin CP to get my email that i used to register to this hosts ( i use multiple email ids) so that i can find the hosting compnay's email, but i cant find it there either!

    So can anyone tell me the way how can i find the hosting company for my site in this case :p
    smellyfinger, Nov 16, 2009 IP
  2. Stingerftw

    Stingerftw Well-Known Member

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    A) phpBB 3 backups will work with any phpBB 3 version, although with each new update it brings new features so you might not find any errors in the front end, there may be some in the back end, just use one of the download packages on phpbb.com. If you have any mods, you'll have trouble doing this.

    B) That's a tricky one, if anything id try entering your domain name in an online whois checker, the best one is http://www.whois.domaintools.com, then just check the nameservers the domain is pointed too.

    Good luck ;)
    Stingerftw, Nov 16, 2009 IP